Christians in Nigeria mourn Southern Kaduna killings – in black attire

As Christians all over the country mourn the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna in their various places of worship, Sunday, the federal and Kaduna State governments have been urged to urgently rebuild the ravaged cities of the area like how Borno State is being rebuilt.

In compliance with the directive of the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, most worshippers appeared in black attires to identify with the killings, maiming and the destruction of properties of their brothers and sisters in Southern Kaduna.

Addressing newsmen in the Church, Pastor Njehntengazoka James Danladi of First Baptist Church, Kawo-Kaduna, explained thus, “Both regions are destroyed by evil men; what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

“The displaced persons resettled and victims compensated because the farmers’ gains have been completely destroyed by herdsmen; so, hunger looms in Southern Kaduna.

“In order to cushion the impending impact of the incidence in the area, we are calling on the state government to completely lift the curfew that is imposed, with punitive intention from the beginning, as the curfew was imposed only for the indigenous Southern Kaduna people.

“Apparently, the marauders are not under any curfew. No wonder they could violate the curfew and attack Goska Village. Failure to lift the curfew is a confirmation that the government is insensitive to the cries of the people.

“We are calling on the state government to be conscious of their statements concerning the killings. Consistent painting of this serious issue as “mere political” will not hold water. In fact, it will only aggravate the pain of the victims, and continue to breed anger amongst the people.

“We, again, call on the state governor to tender an unreserved apology to the people of Southern Kaduna and to be conscious of making further provoking statements concerning the killings as all lives are sacred regardless of their race, ethnic colorations, and creed.

“We are calling for the total overhauling of the security structure in Southern Kaduna. They must be proactive and not reactive. The intelligence gathering must be high, and action should be taken swiftly to counter the marauders before they strike.

“We called on the government to immediately commence building the military formations already approved by the Federal Executive Council in Southern Kaduna, as we are hoping that the presence of military formations will reduce the killings by scaring away the killers.

“It is our prayers that concerted efforts will be made to bring this lingering crisis to an end and thriving economy of Southern Kaduna will continue to blossom,” he said.

Also, while making his contributions on the day, Rev. Dr. Ishaya Gajere of ECWA Goodnews Church, Narayi High Cost, Kaduna, condemned the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna, stressing that Christians would continue to pray for God’s intervention in the situation.

He added, “As a body of Christ, our weapon is prayer. We will continue to pray because we know our Redeemer liveth. With faith, He will fight our battle, and success is surely ours.”

Rev. Dr. Gajere enjoined Christians in the country to see what is happening in Kaduna State as a wakeup call for believers to draw themselves closer to God, pointing out that the evil ones were at work to ensure they carry out their evil act.


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