Kaduna Killings: Catholic Archbishop Spits Fire; Says It’s “Exclusion Policies” Against Southern Kaduna People 

Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna and Metropolitan Kaduna Ecclesiastical Province, KPC, Most Rev. Matthew M. Ndagoso, Thursday, said the killings in Southern Kaduna are part of the larger historical policies of exclusion pursued by successive governments in Northern Nigeria against Southern Kaduna and its people.

Archbishop Ndagoso, who disclosed this, while briefing newsmen in Kaduna, said “These agenda of policies of social political and economic exclusion of the people of Southern Kaduna preceded independence.

“They are marked by the total infrastructural neglect and the exclusion from the higher commanding heights of the economy and bureaucracy.

“These feelings of discrimination were clearly articulated in the Report of the Willinks Minority Commission in 1958,” he said, adding that, “only little, if any, has changed.”

A team of Muslims and Christians, under the leaderships of Pastor Yohanna Buru and Mallam Gambo Abdullahi Barnawa, paid a courtesy visit to hospital to mark the World Interfaith Harmony Week and to sympathize with patients.

Ndagoso, together with Most Rv. John Niyiring, OSA, Bishop of Kano and secretary KEP, therefore, said “It’ll be a tragic mistake to treat what has happened in Southern Kaduna in isolation.”

The Archbishop also expressed as dismay that, while the huge spiral and incalculable numbers of victims of domestic, commercial and terrorist violence continued to rise astronomically to intolerable levels, the federal and state governments continued to hide their heads in a sands of self deception.

He reiterated that rather than respond appropriately and console those, who have suffered the insurgents’ atrocities, government and its agencies have found it conducive in blaming the victims of these orgies of violence.

“Where else in the world will government, rather than console its grieving citizens, decide to take sides with aggressors and place surviving victims in the dock as the accused?” he quizzed.

On self defense and the embattled Pastor Suleiman statement, Archbishop Ndagoso said the primary responsibility of every government is to protect lives and property, adding that government’s failure to perform its role was responsible for the calls   for self defense.

The Archbishop also decried rampant stolen of farmers’ crops by armed banditry, after pursuing the natives, urging government to deploy Task Force immediately to safeguard fleeing people to have access to their farmlands and harvest their crops.

He enjoined federal government to pay attention to the anxieties across the country over the overtly lopsided composition of the top leadership of the security agencies in the country to ongoing conflict built on suspicions of perceived or real historical injustice.



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