I Don’t Think We Are In Recession In Kaduna State – Finance Commissioner

The Kaduna state commissioner of finance, Mohammed Sani Abdullahi, has expressed that the Kaduna state economy is not in recession even though some sectors of the economy have reclined strongly in productivity. He stated that the state government is willing to revamp the economy by empowering the lower class, which he said makes up 80% of the state’s population.

The statement was made at a press conference, today Thursday, as he revealed that the state government is projecting to raise the sum of 54 billion naira from its revenue. He also revealed that no foreign loans were taken to finance the ongoing road constructions taking place in the state, but rather it’s monies gotten from the loans taken from the last administration.

Also, he emphatically explained that contracts issued by the past administration were renegotiated; therefore, cutting down on spending on state government projects. He also posited that it is expected that this year’s economy will be more favorable to the people of Kaduna.

The commissioner further revealed that though, the government had not collected any foreign loan earlier for projects, it however, intends to do so to finance major projects budgeted for the current year. He also said that if government offers contracts in phases, it will not be difficult to pay up all the contractors.

He agreed with one of the reporters that Kaduna is “messed up” in terms of project development, considering it is one of the oldest states in the nation and makes much more money than other states like Jigawa, Katsina and Sokoto.

He equally told of the maternal mortality rate that makes Kaduna the second highest in the nation, which was a source of great concern to the government, and which has invariably led the ministry to begin to address the problem by re-equipping hospitals, recruiting nurses and doctors in places like Kubau local government area until the crises that hit Southern Kaduna.


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