Exposed! 70-yr old man impregnates 13-yr old girl in Kaduna 

Side view of the girl-child backing a child

A 70 years’ old man, who alleged to have impregnated a 13-yr old girl in Kaduna, has been uncovered.

Although the name of man has not been given, the under-aged girl, who was conceived out of wedlock, has already been put to bed and now mothers a child – at the age of fourteen!

This was discovered when a team of Imams and Pastors, headed by Evangelist Yohanna Buru, visited a head of an Almajirai School teacher in  Maraban Jos, in Kaduna state last week.

The team, who also visited an NGO and school teacher at Maraban Jos, also have appealed to parents and guardians living in rural and urban cities to put eyes on the movement of their children, and always advise them to stop collecting all kinds of “gifts” from both known and strangers alike, so as to reduce the large number of rapists disturbing the lives of young children and even adults in the society.


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