Homosexual lures Almajirai for sex with heads of fish in Kaduna

The increasing hardship, orchestrated by recession, has began to take heavy toll on Almajirai, following rampant reports of cases of rapes of young people, including children, in some parts of northern states.

Recently, there were online news reports of a man, who was arrested and prosecuted for luring toddler for sex with an anus for a token of money in Kano state. While the ugly trend was yet to fizzle out, the same incident occurred at Maraban Jos, in Kaduna, which has lead many children becoming victims of circumstance due to the striking poverty.

Side view of the raped Almajiri boy

The unfortunate illicit practice was uncovered when a team of Imams and Pastors visited a head teacher of Almajirai School located at Maraban Jos, in Kaduna state.

“This Almajiri boy that you can see, he was raped at Maraban Jos, Kaduna, by a man selling fish at the market; and for over 10 times, the fish seller has been raping the boy through his excretory organ without any form of protection,” said the head teacher of the school.

This ugly incidents of rapists targeted at young Almajiris for has caused so much damages to the education of the young boys that come from far distance in search of knowledge.

Speaking during an interview with pressmen at the Maraban Jos, Kaduna, the boy that was raped (name withheld), explained bitterly on how the man always used him through his anus for homosexual desire.

“He gives me fish-head every time, and uses me the way he wants through the anus,” said the boy.

“And now, the young boy is sick to the extent that he cannot be able to control his excretory product, due to health challenges that he is facing,” the teacher added.

According to the boy, the Fish-seller had warned him several times not to inform anyone or even his school teacher about what is happening between the boy and himself.

Mallam Adam Umar, is name of the school head teacher of the Arabic School of the victim that brought the case to an NGO – “Arridah Relief Foundation of Nigeria” located at Maraban Jos, Kaduna, which protects children’s rights in Kaduna, so as to help them bring the rapist to justice.

Mallam Umar said, “We have been observing the boy’s attitudinal changes for two days, and as a result that we discovered that he was unable to eat and move from one place to another like he usually does; we then asked him what is happening. After some time, he began to explain what really happened to him.”

Mallam Umar explained his sadness over what happened to his student, adding that “the child is facing serious health challenges, as he cannot be able to excrete properly due to the serious damages caused to his excretory organ.

“Indeed, the family of the rapist had visited us and begged us to forgive their brother, but we then look at the critical situation of the child and then decided to forward the cases to human rights organization to fight for the child,” said Mallam Umar.

He said, “Already, an NGO that protects child rights and women in Kaduna, has taken the case to court after following due process; and it vowed to make sure that justice is done to the case.”

“Hajiya Rabi Salisu Ibrahim is the chairperson of the NGO that has taken the case to court; and, while addressing the press men in Kaduna, she stated clearly that her organization is doing all it could to seek for this child’s justice.”

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