Plateau Assembly Deputy Speaker Appeals For Justice And Mercy Over Kanam LGC

Following the attack on a Police Station in Dangi of Kanam local government council by unknown gunman that killed one Police Officer and freed a number of prisoners, recently, the deputy Speaker in the state House of Assembly, Hon Yusuf Adamu  Gagdi, has been accused  of linking the Kanam people with Boko Haram terrorist group, and his unguarded utterances and disrespect to the traditional institution in the local government council by not following the right process of the Emirate Council.

Concerned Citizens of Garga District in Kanam local government council briefing journalists in Jos on Monday.

The accusation was made by some concerned Citizens of Garga District in Kanam local government council of Plateau State, on Monday, while briefing journalists in Jos.

The Deputy Speaker, Hon Yusfu Adamu Gagdi, representing Kantana Constituency in Kanam local government council of the state House of Assembly, had earlier presented a motion to the House of Assembly appealing for it to “tender justice with mercy” and come to the aid of the people of Kanam, particularly those located at the Bauchi/Gombe boundary.

In his motion, he said, “Let us have Police. Mr Speaker, let us have military presence, and let there be check-points that will be checking people coming unto our local  government, into our state, and people that are going out from our local government council and our state.”

According to him, “If there are Police officers, military and STF at those locations, perhaps it could have been very difficult for those individual criminals to come and attack our Police Station and cart away with seven (7) AK-47 rifles, which is, they have the intention of attacking innocent people of Nigeria.”

Deputy Speaker Yusufu Adamu Gagdi reacting to journalists’ questions on the accusation of the concerned citizens of Garga District in Kanam.

Hon Gagdi said, “If people can attack a Police Station and make away with seven AK-47 rifles and killing a Police Officer and did not attack any well-to-do person in the local government, it means that their target is not the money; their target is to get the arms and attack innocent citizens.”

He said “this is unacceptable to us, representatives of the people of Kanam, and also the representatives plateau state; and we should do something urgently, in order to ensure that all the roads linking Buachi and Gombe from Kanam local government council where they have borders to have one station and well positioned by the men of the “Operation Save Heaven” as well as the Police, including the Civil Defence.”

In his opinion, he reiterated that “Otherwise, what what affects Kanam, today, could definitely affect Kangke tomorrow, and it will move to Pankshin, if action is not taken’ We do not pray for that to happen,” expressing concern that “any injury to any single citizen of the state is an injury to all of us.”

The Deputy Speaker stated further that “Kanam has always been known to be a peaceful place to stay and a home of hospitality, and we never had any issue of religious differences; but for sometimes now from one attack to another armed robbers or gunmen to the inhabitants of Dangi, the headquarter.”

He maintained that “I totally disagree with what is in the press statement. I constantly paid visit to my constituency almost five times since I took oath of office, and have been meeting with the stakeholders and traditional rulers; even tomorrow, Tuesday, in Garga I have a meeting with them.”

The Honourable exclaimed that, “I have never sponsored issue of any attack in Kantana constituency or speak about Boko Haram. That is done by mischief makers.”

Spokesman for the concerned group, Alh Ibrahim Aliyu Bawa, alleged that, “On the 24th January, 2017, the Deputy Speaker moved a motion of public importance seeking to declare Garga District as ‘a place of abode for Boko Haram,’ and were sighted there because we share border with Yankari Game Reserve, which he said, is linked to Sambisa Forest.”

Hon Gagdi said that, “We have boundary with Bauchi and Gombe states, and we feel very much ashamed and guilty that our representative in the respected plateau state House of Assembly is ignorant of the boundaries of the area of his legislative jurisdiction.”

He affirmatively said, the allegations are malicious, misleading and tantamount to dainting the peace-loving good people of Garga District and the entire Kantana constituency in Kanam LGA, who have no time being involved in rancorous, uncivilized manners, riots, lawlessness and all sorts of political and economic upheavals.


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