The disclosure of an Islamic conspiracy to Islamise Nigeria

(Continued from previous Editorial, posted on 26th Jan, 2017)

The documented resolutions in the Secret Document revealed at the Islamic Council, London, are: to further support the establishment and application of Sharia to all Muslim states to ensure the appointment of only Muslims into strategic national and international posts of Member Nations, to ensure that only Muslims are elected to all political posts of Member States, to ensure the declaration of Nigeria (the 26th African and 46th World Members of the OIC) a Federal Islamic Sultanate at a convenient date any time from 28th March, 1990, with the Sultan of Sokoto enthroned the Sultan Supreme Sovereign of Nigeria.

The Secret Document/IAO Conference Communiqué continued, that, to ensure the ultimate replacement of all Western forms of legal and judicial systems with the Sharia in all member nations before the next Islam in Africa Conference. To regularly organize an Islam in Africa Conference as well as seminars, symposia, conference, workshops and collogue, towards the attainment of these ends therefore, a Steering Committee with membership as well as the Islamic Council, London, and the Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC, has been set up viz Nigeria, Niger, Gambia, Mauritania, Senegal, Lybya, Tanzania, Sudan and Tunisia.

The “Top Secret Document”/IAO further revealed at the London Conference, named Nigeria as the Permanent Headquarters of the Islam in Africa Organization to be in Abuja, Nigeria. The Steering Committee has been assigned the special task of the details establishing the IAO in Nigeria, including structures and constitution within six (6) months.

The conference further decided that the Steering Committee should work out detailed plans for transforming a national political party in each member nation into a National Islamic Party, and the then National Republic Convention. NRC of Nigeria should be made to serve this purpose in Nigeria as well as the only recognized National Islamic Party of Nigeria. These political parties so approved shall be the only ones to produce leading government (executive and legislative) functionaries.

The NRC of Nigeria and other parties shall have their names changed to reflect Islamic nature of their purpose. Part of the communiqué went further that, the joint conference finally ratified the admission of Nigeria as a full member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, OIC, and thanked the government and people of Nigeria for having generously donated US $21 billion to the Islamic Development Fund of the OIC.

We believe it was the Nigerian oil money used to fund the Islamic Organization. The statement went further to sincerely request the Federal Government of Nigeria to implement all policies and programmes of the OIC to show the whole world that Nigeria is truly an Islamic nation. The Islamic Programme is being implemented by President Buhari, who is an Islamist.

The Secret Document went on to encourage the teaching of the Arabic language, which is the language of the Qur’an, as well as the lingua-franca of the continent and to strive for the restoration of the use of Arabic script vernacular. The conference alleged and notes the yearnings of Muslims everywhere on the continent, who have been ‘deprived’ of their rights to be governed by the Sharia, and urges them to intensify efforts in the struggle to re-instate the application of the Sharia; to ensure the continuity of the noble work initiated at the conference, to cooperate with other national or international Islamic organizations for the attainment of its stated objectives; to support the establishment and application of the Sharia to all Nigerian Muslims.

The Secret Document went on to propagate the establishment of Islamic Tertiary and Vocational Centres, which are designed to train Da’wah workers, who will be trained to acquire trades and skills and to equip them to be self-employed and productive.

Islam in Africa Conference, London, the Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC, the newly-founded Islam in Africa Organization, IAO, and the Islamic Confederacy had declared war on Nigeria. The series of persecutions and violence directed against the people of the cultural Middle-Belt and other Nigerian Christians has been going on for so long as part of their objectives and, yet, the nations of the world have not identified themselves with the plight of the persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

The President has set a target to eliminate Christians in Nigeria before the end of his current term. Underground plans against Christians have been going on for some time. The case of Islamising our nation was worst with the government of the former Head of State, General Mohammed Buhari. We prayed against this one night, and within two weeks he was overthrown, the Secret Document revealed, that it had been the handiwork of Muslim Mafia.

The Muslim Mafia.

The Islamic religion is operated in many ways like the Sicilian Mafia. Leading members of such organization pay a high price to partake of the lavish benefits – oil money, on one hand for those like the President’s throne is excessive wealth, luxury and kingly pomp. But, on the other, there is the constant pressure of loyalties to the “godfather.” Disobedience to orders could be considered betrayal and incur life-threatening consequences, the Document revealed.

Implementation of the Secret Plans suggests that President Buhari will ensure that, without exception, government officials and political figures in Nigeria must be Muslim. All the Service Chiefs and the IGP must be Muslim. The Chief Justice of Nigeria must be Muslim. In his BBC Hausa interview in 2003, President Buhari promised to ensure that Islam and Sharia is spread across Nigeria. He has already Islamized the Education Sector by his following appointments:-

  • Head of Universities – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
  • Head of NTI – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
  • Head of NABTEB – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
  • Head of UBEC – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
  • Head of JAMB – Professor of Arabic Studies (Yoruba Islamist).
  • Head of TETFUND – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
  • Head of College of Education – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.
  • Head of Polytechnics – Hausa/Fulani Muslim.

The information was widely reported by Social Media. This is very dangerous for the country; a nation of multi-cultural and multi-religious communities, tribes, and ethnic nationalities should not be treated in this manner.

President Buhari is the kinsman of the Fulani herdsmen terrorizing and rampaging the country to finish. His agent, who is the ‘dwarf’ El-Rufai, and whose root is suspected to be outside the precinct of Kaduna State, is a promoter and financier of armed Fulani Militias. Like his master, President Buhari, both hate to hear the name “Middle-Belt” mentioned. The ravaging herdsmen, with the active connivance of President Buhari and the ‘dwarf’ El-Rufai, in the words of Femi Fani-Kayode, both have turned the cultural Middle-Belt into a graveyard.

The Power of Exposure.

From the documents from Nigeria that were received by Josiah Publishing Company in the USA in 1991, it states, “ten churches were demolished by Moslems in this city where I pastor. These ten Pentecostal Churches were demolished because of the aggressiveness of some Isala (Izalla) sect of Moslems, who felt we were ‘disturbing’ them in the spirit.” By Pastor; June 11, 1990, Birnin-Kebbi, Sokoto State, Nigeria.

One is not surprised by this persecution of Christians in Sokoto. In October, 2011, the Sultan of Sokoto delivered a lecture at Harvard University in the USA and, among many other things, said, “I do not recognize any Nigeria Constitution, and the only constitution I recognize is the Koran.” Culled from article by Femi Fani-Kayode.

This is the same Sultan pretending and parading the country in the name of promoting the Inter-Faith Committee. He is either suffering from short memory or going about telling lies, which is accepted by his religion – Islam. The so-called “Meeting of Chief Emirs and Governors (of defunct North) and the Middle-Belt, North-East and North-West” is nothing but the pursuit of primitive despotic power over other people they look down upon for their personal or group gains, at the expense of others.

Conscience Triumph considers the meeting to be a natural quest for naked power. Furthermore, we consider that their meeting, in the words of Ebere Wabara, in the Daily SUN of Monday, February, 2017, as “Poverty stricken royal fathers, who are easily compromised because of their penurious circumstances aggravated by ravaging hunger with such existential impoverishment that borders on stomach infrastructural challenges.”

One of the main problems of the cultural Middle-Belt of Southern Kaduna is because the people have refused to allow the ‘midget’ and the ‘stunted dwarf’ El-Rufai grazing reserves be granted to the foreigners a permanent access of their ancestral lands, the refusal of the indigenous people to allow their farmlands taken away that has given rise to the murdering of the indigenous people of the area.

President Buhari and his chief agent, the ‘dwarf’ El-Rufai, will at the end of their journey on earth give accounts of their work before their Creator. We have, in fact, lives with peaceful and friendly Fulani nomads, who for ages have been allowed access to roam freely with their livestock through the grasslands of the cultural Middle-Belt and forests of the country, Nigeria, and outside their ancestral homelands. People of doubtful roots, such as the ‘dwarf’ El-Rufai, bring misfortune and disaster to the areas in which they live, and that is one of the reasons for the sufferings of the cultural Middle-Belt people of Southern Kaduna.

Christians in this country have been warned previously of the impending danger of continuous persecutions, but they are the same people, who will do everything for money. They will despise the things of God. They will be proud and boastful, and they forget there is judgement waiting for them. The warnings are for us and those who share the same precious faith.

Money cannot protect us and cannot guarantee us peace of mind either, but it can only guarantee us short way to Hell. In the words of John F. Kennedy, late President of the United States of America, “the hottest place in hell should be reserved for those, who keep quiet at times of moral crisis.”        arvard University in the USA and, amon

(To be continued)    


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