Nigerian Youths Told To Be Proud Of Culture

As “leaders of tomorrow,” youths in the country have been called upon to be proud of their culture and use it not negatively but positively, because it is their identity, pride and heritage. They have also been enlightened on aspects of cultures, which emanate through dressing, local cousins, art and craft.

The Principal of St Louis College, Jos, Rev Sr. Irene-Mary Miaphen, during the Cultural Day on Saturday at the college

Zonal Coordinator of Nigerian Tourism Development Cooperation North Central, Zonal Office, Mrs Manna D Yakubu, made the call at the Maiden edition of St Louis College Jos, “Arts and Culture Day” on Saturday, with the theme as, “Our Culture, Our Pride.”

She observed that people now hide under the cover of preserving their cultural heritage to carry out criminal activities by brainwashing the youths to be agents of destruction but, who are supposed to be agents of change.

Mrs Yakubu said, with her mixing with various ethnic groups, no ethnic group encourages hatred towards a fellow human. So, as a people blessed with beautiful cultural heritage, we must be proud presenting our culture anytime, anywhere we find ourselves, because it is our identity, which must not be forgotten or hated.

She went further to analyze that youths are the backbone of tomorrow, and should imbibe our various cultures in their early stage in life, which indeed is the very key and crucial to preserving the nation’s various cultures for generations to come.

The Berom students in their cultural attires, at St Louis College, Jos

The zonal coordinator said “my culture is my identity, which is the greatest identity that a person can bear with him or herself,” stressing that, “a Western culture will never make me go blond, blue-eyed and fair; it is only going to alter the dress code.”

Speaking also, Mr Ezekiel Udubrae, Udubarae Art and Gallery National Museum Jos, said, “St Louis College Jos, has set an example for us to emulate; so, let’s build our culture and sustain it,” adding that, “any person that destroyed his house, age, has also destroyed our oral culture.”

According to Udubrae, “We should be proud of our culture; this will enable children to know their background and show them where they come from, because people that come together make culture to work or make it to die.”

While contributing, principal of the School, Rev Sr. Irene-Mary Miaphen, said the college organized this cultural day to appreciate the children and the community around, and for the children to know where they are coming from and their culture.

The Goemai dance troupe from Shendam, at St Louis Jos on Saturday

She stressed that, “Most children and youths of today do not know their culture, and some do not know whether they have culture or not, and so have ignorantly imbibed Western cultures, which are not the best for our youths.”


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