Lenten Season: A Time For “Turnaround To Christ;” Worry Not About Clothes To Wear – Archbishop Kaigama tells Church in Jos

The Catholic Archbishop of Jos, His Grace Most Rev Dr Ignatius Kaigama, in a sermon on Sunday charged Christians not to worry or be anxious about their lives, or about what they shall eat or drink, nor about their bodies or clothes to wear.

The Archbishop was represented by the Vicar-General on institutions and societies in the Archdiocese, Rt Msgr Benedict Obidiegwu, during the flag-off of the 2017 Lenten Campaign in Jos, Sunday.

Chairman of the occasion, Sir Joseph Ari (center), with Msgr Ben Obidiegwu (right) and Chief Judge of Plateau State, Justice Pius Damulak (left).

According to Msgr Obidiegwu, “Worries do not add a single hour in our part of life; therefore, it is needless to worry. You worry and worry; God’s plan will be fulfilled,” he said.

He added that “Worry will only shorten life and will certainly bring old age too soon. So, you must, therefore, avoid worrying; trust in God, believing that God, who created you, knows why he created you.”

He said, “What we need to do is to trust in God at all times in whatever difficulties or situation you may have or find yourself in.”

Msgr Benedict Obidiegwu said Nigerians are facing many challenges today – there is no money, people cannot meet their needs, parents find it very difficult to pay their children’s school fees.

He observed that a good number of people go to bed hungry, and farmers produce and cannot sell; foods are going bad in shops, and prices of food continue to take its practical stage.

He explained further that, “It has never been so as it is now; this is the kind of uncertainty we find ourselves,” adding that, “this is the time to remain steadfast with our Lord.

“If we think that all hope is lost, God is working in our best interest. When we find things crashing sharply, God is with us,” he said. According to him, “We have faced recession in the shops of so many, and the gap has continued to be widened.”

Msgr Ben Obidiegwu delivering his sermon during the Lenten campaign flag-off in Jos.

He said, “it is uncaring of an African to wish anybody death; we have enough to be our brothers’ keepers, and there is need for us to continue to have respect for our leaders.”

He called for prayers for our leaders, especially the President, the governor and all political appointees, that, they will live to the values, and prayed for the Lord to reverse the current trend in Nigeria, while urging Christians, especially during this period of Lent, which begins on Wednesday, to always spend more on the less-privileged by almsgiving, and abstain from sin.

The chairman of the occasion, who is Director-General of Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Mr Joseph Ari, said, “As Christians, some of us don’t believe as Christians. Why do we pray for the downfall of our leaders? You wish your brother or sister death; that is very, very un-Christian life,” adding that, “death is in the hand of the Lord.”

Ari also said, “Even those of us that are healthy, we may even ‘go’ before those, who are sick, but our duty as Christians is to continue to pray for our country so that God will heal our land.”

Recession, he said, “is not a period for us to give up; it is an opportunity for discovering Christ; for with him our land can be healed.”

“As we begin the Lenten season on Wednesday, which is Ash Wednesday, it is a period for us to have a turnaround for the Lord, for there is nothing impossible; with him all things are possible, and when we turn to him he will heal our land,” he said.


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