LENT: A time of battle with evil, with prayer and almsgiving – Fr Fom

Christians have been told to use the 40 days of Lent to fashion out ways of living better lives, despite hard times.

The Parish Priest of St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Jos, Very Rev Fr. Anthony Fom, made this known on Wednesday in his sermon to mark the Ash Wednesday in Jos.

He charged Catholics to use the period to make sufficient efforts to provide and give themselves time, time to reflect over their lives – so as to see the areas that they have gone lost.

Very Rev Fr Anthony Fom putting ashes on foreheads of the faithful, as a sign of repentance, at St Theresa’s Catholic Church Jos, on Ash Wednesday.

Rev Fr. Fom said, “this would make them prepare themselves and fashion out a way of cleaning themselves for the better, to prepare ourselves to arm ourselves for the rest of the year.”

According to him, “it is actually like a time of retreat, when a person goes to find time to reflect, and after the retreat he or she goes home to now try and live out those things that he or she has planned for future during the time of the retreat.”

He reminded Christians that, the season of Lent is the time of “battling with the evil ones,” adding that, “this battle is a life-time battle; but it must be intensified and get more vigorous during the period of Lent.

“It is a fight that becomes very beautiful in our lives, that for the 40 days of Lent, it’s a time of battle. Battling with the devil is not fought with human weapons, but is fought with the pillar of Lent, which includes prayers, fasting and almsgiving.”

According to Rev Fr Fom, “it is supposed to be a battle that we win, and we should be like David,” adding that,” we must fight against the evil that is always there with us, and we should try and undermine our efforts spiritually.

“It’s a time to discover that, we have time for reflection, a time that we usually don’t have before; because of our busy life schedules, we will not have time for reflection.”

Assistant parish priest of St Theresa’s Catholic Church Jos, Rev Fr. Peter Adams, also giving ashes to members of the church on Ash Wednesday.

He reminded Christians that, “we are mortal beings no matter how important you think you are or how important human beings may take you to be. The truth of life is that, we are all mortal beings and from dust you come, and so you would return to dust.”

He maintained that “ashes that are to be carried on the foreheads is a sign of our repentance,” adding that, “people of old used to put ashes on the top and wear sack cloths to show the sign of repentance, but it is what is in our hearts. How fully repentant are we during this period of lent and always,? he queried.


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