The Muslim Plans To Islamize Nigeria

(Being concluding part of the Muslim Plans to Islamize Nigeria Editorial, posted on 17th February, 2017)

The political demand of Hausa/Fulani Muslims, coupled with the imposing aggressive and often violent activities, creates an illusion that there are far more of them in Nigeria than statistics indicate. By their zealous determination and the immense petrol wealth of oil-producing areas, which they controlled, they are attempting to take complete control of Nigeria also. They are using Boko Haram to disguise their true intentions.

Constitutionally, Nigeria is said to be a secular state, with Christian population, which is put at about 60%, while the Muslim stands as 33% in population. The remaining are traditionalists and non-religious.

The Fulani/Hausa Muslims are concentrated in states like Sokoto, Borno, Kano and parts of Bauchi and Kaduna. And, even at that, Christianity has been striving there, despite persecutions. The West and South are a mixture of Christians and Muslims, but Christianity is larger. In the East, there is scarcely a Muslim, with the controversiality of the intentions of the IAO at heart. This will explain the secrecy of their plans, said a Pastor, University of Lagos, June 18, 1990, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Sharia has no place in the Nigerian constitution, whether Buhari, Babangida or the Sultan of Sokoto likes it or not. We call for complete political restructuring of Nigeria and the implementation of Fiscal Federalism, or a return to the Parliamentary System of Government.

December 31, 1989, marked the publicized dismissal of Lt-Gen Domkat Bali, then the country’s Defence Minister, along with many other declared Christians from the key federal government posts. They were either reshuffled or dropped altogether. The initial action dominated throughout Nigeria’s government, exchanging one Christian after another in favour of Muslims.

Also reported, was the reshufflement of the late Vice President, Admiral Augustus Aikhomu, Chief of General Staff. Again, August 27, 1990, President Babangida carried out a Satanic-inspired government reshufflement during which he succeeded in removing the Chief of General Staff, Vice Admiral Aikhomu, from the throne. “He is the only Christian leader that was left, that happened to emerge from a Christian state to represent us,” said a Pastor, August 31, 1990, Kaduna, Kaduna State.

A secret letter, C/o The Islamic Council London, SW1X8BO, reference IAP/90/FGN 1, Rajab LLAH February 5, 1990, was addressed to General Ibrahim Babagida (President of Nigeria), Dodan Barracks (State House) Lagos, Nigeria.

Part of the letter reads, “Your Excellency, It is our pleasure once again to thank you this time around through this medium for having graciously donated on behalf of Nigeria the sum of $21 billion to the OIC to facilitate our mutual task of spreading Islam not only in Nigeria, but in Africa as a whole …”

Babangida and Buhari are both Boko Haram sponsors. The Middle-Belt people call these two Islamists as Gate-Ways. They, along with Muslim monarchies, are just players on Satan’s side of a global chessboard and are stepping-stones towards the establishment of the Arabian people as the “children of promise.”

Along with other influential Muslims, Babangida and Buhari are being used to counteract the mighty End-time revival now sweeping the country and other African countries. This is part of the Ishmaelite Plan to forge a new Arab Empire. President Donald Trump of USA should not forget that the two characters, including the Sultan of Sokoto, are both Boko Haram sponsors. The ‘dwarf’ El-Rufai is also the promoter of Boko Haram and a terrorist, who has moved his Base to Southern Kaduna.

The Proliferation of Mosques

Part of Latter Day Muslim expansionism in Nigeria includes the use of our oil money from the oil producing areas to litter Nigeria with mosques. These temples of darkness serve not only as houses of worship, but also as outreach bases for war-rooms. What is happing in Middle-Belt and in southern part of Kaduna State is part of jihad being carried out by the help of the Fulani herdsmen with their active supporters – President Buhari and the ‘midget’/‘dwarf’ El-Rufai, including some important men of Fulani/Hausa extractions.

Record of Those Blood-thirsty Days

In 1980 – A Maitatsine Islamic Massacre in Kano State took the lives of 4,177 people. Millions of dollars worth of property were plundered at the hands of Muslim jihadists.

400 people in Kaduna were killed and most churches burnt in 1982 by Muslim rioters. An Islamic Brotherhood Muslim student killed 2 people in Sabon Gari Zaria and 8 churches were burnt down, too, in the city of Kano.

In 1984 – 700 people were murdered amidst frenzied Muslim uproars in Yola and Jimeta in the then Gongola State, now Adamawa State; 5,913 persons were left homeless. In Gombe and Bauchi States, and 100 people were killed.

In 1986 – The corrupt gap-tooth Babandiga secretly joined the OIC alliance. There was an onslaught launched by Muslims against Christians at the University of Sokoto in Sokoto State. The rampagers on the campus were armed with deadly weapons.

In 1987 – The Kaduna/Kano riots were the 7th since 1980. In Zaria, 100 churches went up in smoke, and many Christians were either burnt alive or murdered in cold-blood.

From the inception of the IAO in 1989 onward, Islamic “evangelism” has taken on greater overtones of terror and violence. Vigorous attempts to wipe out Christianity continue up until now as we write. Cultural Atlas of Africa writes: “These first Muslims came not as missionaries but as soldiers and settlers, and were often welcomed as saviours from the oppressive rule of Byzantium.”

The Muslims won their converts through a variety of enticements – such as through economics, intermarriage and biological evangelism (having babies) through sensual tactics, even some of the weak Christians were beguiled into the Muslim faith – as a result of intermarriage and, to gain relief from taxation, many weak Christians became Muslims.

The Fulani herdsmen have occupied a large part of Nigeria in the name of ‘cattle reserved areas’ of lands of indigenous ethnic nationalities of the country. This is part of their game’s plans.

The International Consequences

Islamic maneuvers mean a great deal outside Nigeria, especially to the Christians, Jews, and any other innocent victim that happens to get in their way. The United States and other Western nations were caught in a real dilemma. Then, the US imported 11.5% of its oil from Nigeria, and so the American government officials were inclined to turn their heads away from the horrific events that unfolded; what a shame.

It is true that economic ties tend to influence nations to let other countries work out their own internal conflicts independently. Unfortunately, the policy included Nigeria, where massacres are being increasingly unleashed against Christians. Unfortunately, Obama administration was seen to be indirectly supporting global plans for the eradication of Christianity and the extermination of the Jews. His administration was hostile to Nigerian people, particularly the Christians.

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symingtons, was reported to have called on Nigerians to bury their differences and unite, for the stability and betterment of Nigeria. The Ambassador was said to have made the remark during his familiarization visit to the Aminu Kano College of Islamic and Legal Studies.

This paper is telling the Ambassador that he should instead, advice the Buhari Federal Government-led administration to restructure the country in line with the famous National Conference Resolutions and its recommendations after the last National Conference. That will be the only remedy for stability in this geographical place called Nigeria. The Ambassador should know that with the degree of ethnic and religious hatred among the ethnic nationalities in the country, peace can only come with the APC administration treating all Nigerians the same.

The Buhari administration is being controlled by a cabal of Fulani/Hausa extractions, who have been exploiting for their own personal benefits. The cabal is a force manipulating the administration of the government institutions, putting its wards in strategic political economic and other advantage positions and exacting retribution for transgression against the peoples’ will, and the entire Christian communities in the country.

The cabal is, therefore, a force that sits at the head of government; in general it is a truly invisible government. The membership of the cabal consist of Hausa/Fulani self-seeking gangs covering themselves with religious and ethnicity, manipulating, dominating and entrenching divisions among the ethnic groups, slowing down the progress of the country with the tactics of divide-and-rule; hence, the one-sided investigations of corrupt politicians.

Nigerians have been shouting, and calling the attention of the Buhari Administration of the presence of corrupt politicians in his party, the APC, but he remains adamant as if he is unaware of the worse type of corruption sweeping his party.

The APC administration now consists of lawless and corrupt politicians, who are morally bankrupt and deeply corrupt. The APC is nothing less than a Secret Society accommodating on daily basis the same old corrupt and visionless politicians, who are defecting from other parties to join it. It is a safe haven for them, since the APC party cannot send EFCC after them. The APC party was heavily funded with ill-gotten wealth and, because of this, the President has no mouth to talk.

The APC party did not, during its campaign, put forward programme of policies that offer a meaningful choice. We can say that voters did not vote for programmes of the party, because it had, and still has, none. Nigerians say they voted for Buhari because of his “Change” slogan. What the voters are saying now is a change for hunger steering in their faces, in addition to the Islamization of the country.

In a book, “This House Has Fallen,” by Karl Maier, the author remarked that, “Nigerians from all walks of life are questioning whether the country should remain as one entity or discard the colonial borders and break apart into several states. Ethnic and religious prejudices have found fertile grounds in Nigeria, where there is neither a national consensus nor a binding ideology.”

Nigeria is in a state of depressed economy, and so the people are hungry and angry, because of the rate of poverty steering each family on the face. We, in the Conscience Triumph, have for long been advocating for the Fiscal Restructuring of the country, in order to adopt a Fiscal Federalism. The National Conference, which was opened on 17th March, 2014, ended peacefully after the people had spoken. The Conference was one good thing that has ever happened in the country.

The National Conference Report is, therefore, cardinal to unite the country. The Reports and Resolutions of the Conference should, therefore, be fully implemented, to lessen the harsh oppression and exploitation of other Nigerians’ ethnic nationalities. Only the cultural Middle-Belt people, who have been so primitively marginalized and oppressed for so long can tell the painful experience of their marginalization.

Conscience Triumph believes that what is currently happening in the Southern Kaduna Cultural Middle-Belt is a genocide being perpetrated through Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram, supported by their agent the ‘dwarf’ El-Rufai. He is a potential Boko Haram agent, who should be charged to the International Court of Justice for crime against human rights violations globally in a fair and equal manner.

It is the duty of the state, regardless of the people’s political, social, economic and cultural systems to protect all human rights and fundamental freedom. Every individual shall be entitled to equal treatment and protection of the law; but this is not happening in Kaduna State.

Recently, Fulani herdsmen, again, invaded Edumoga in Okpokwu local government area of Benue state and killed scores of people. The villages affected were identified to be Effion, Ijeha, Otobi Okpiliho, including Okpale Ogege in Edumoga Ehaje in Idomaland. The indigenous farmers had their yam-farms destroyed by the Fulani herdsmen and some of the farmers’ harvested yams stolen by the herdsmen; and the herdsmen later fled to other towns after the havoc.

Nigerians do not trust the APC government to protect them and their property, and to do the job the APC government was voted to do. The government should, therefore, not expect the loyalty of the people it governs. What a shame.


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