Kaduna International Airport Fit For 24hrs Operation – NCAA

The Kaduna International Airport, Kaduna (KIAK) is now fit and ready for a 24-hour operation of both local and international flights, an official has said.

Spokesperson of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Sam Adurogboye, while making the announcement on Tuesday, assured all passengers of safety and security in all airports in the country.

He said, “The navigational aids have been well calibrated and fully functional to facilitate continuous smooth landings and takeoffs. Therefore, towards ‘seamless flight’ operations in line with Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs), all relevant departments and directorates with full complement of staff have been redeployed to Kaduna.”

According to Adurogboye, the Regional Managers of NCAA for Abuja and Kaduna offices are on ground to allow for smooth integration of the additional staff coming to Kaduna; adding that, to sustain the safety and security of airline operations, a team of Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) from the Directorate of Airworthiness Standards (DAWS), Directorate of Consumer Protection (DCP), Directorate of Air Transport Regulations (DATR), Directorate of Aerodrome and Airspace Standard (DAAS) and Aviation Security Personnel had already moved to the airport.

While noting that at the commencement of flights, the Ethiopian Airlines (ET) would be the first scheduled airline to arrive the Kaduna International Airport upon the closure of Abuja International Airport, he said, a National Security Committee had been designed and approved for the security programme to cover the airport and its environs during the six weeks’ closure.

The Federal Government had announced the closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, effective from midnight of Wednesday to allow for extensive repairs on the runway.


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