“Women for Peace” call for inculcation of good family virtues in children

Women have again been reminded of their roles as catalysts for peace and drivers of good family, moral and social values through child raising that guarantees unity, love, crime-free and better society.

National president of Women for Peace in Nigeria, WOPIN, Dr. Maryam Abdullahi, who made this remark during a breakfast with peace makers to mark the International Women’s Day cerebration in Abuja, said no country enjoys relative peace without family input.

Dr. Maryam noted that fear of God Almighty Allah, and love for one another are critical to peaceful coexistence in every society and nations, stressing that until this  virtues are properly inculcated into children’s upbringing by women in families, there’s bound to be social vices and corruptness.

“Until we come back to the reality about our roles as women and begin to have enough time for our children’s upbringing, and inculcate good family values into them, we have no reason to complain of unruly behavior of our youths, sons and daughters.

“Indeed, we have no reason to be surprised about our children’s misconducts and criminal dispositions, because their childhood lives depended largely on peer groups we could not ascertain their family backgrounds.

“In fact, we don’t even need to celebrate International Women’s Day, even as women, when we cannot bring up our children in a responsible way so that when they grow up, they will depart from what they learnt from us,” she lamented.

Hajiya Maryam also enjoined fellow women to learn to cut their coats according to their sizes, pointing out a situation where demands or needs of the woman for social life overwhelmed far and above the man’s demand and income, left a lot to desire as the woman may be forced to go all out to scout for herself, while the children suffered under maiden, loneliness and idleness.

According to her, raising children in an atmosphere of love and friendliness under the tutelage of mother-and-father translated into unity, peace and love in society and, by extension, the nation at large. The occasion also witnessed prayers for leaders and Buhari’s safe return.


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