A Young Nigerian Scientist Seeks Audience With Mr President To Present Solutions To Nigeria’s Problem

Kabiru Musa

A young Nigerian, Kabiru Musa, said he wished to see President Mohammadu Buhari to present a research he conducted, saying, the recommendations if adopted and implemented by government, would go a long way in solving some of Nigeria’s challenges.

Musa made this known, while briefing newsmen at the Kaduna secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalist, on Monday.

The young Nigerian, who is also a Laboratory Technologist, said findings of the research can help in diversifying the Nigeria’s economic, improve yield in cattle production as well as proffer ways to ending the incessant herdsmen/farmers’ clashes in the country.

Musa, who did not give details of the research, noted that his basis of research was from a particular one carried out by a committee set up by the government in 1981-1985, which was coordinated by Prof. Shika Nuru.

He added that, “The research is very important for the diversification of Nigeria’s economy. This is because of the methodologies carried out in the research. It is advancement on research carried out by a team from the National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI) from April 1981 to July 1985 on how to improve cattle, vet services and production.”


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