When leeches feast on ‘peace’

Universally, peace is the primary sine qua non for development and growth of any community. Peace, whether as an object or a subject, is not owned by anyone in particular and cannot be something to be donated by a benevolent individual or group.

That a person or a group possesses the capacity or ability to inflict maximum damage and injury against another person or group does not confer on the aggressor, the license to make or withhold peace. No! This is because no matter how weak the victims are, human beings have always had the resilience to resist and weary their assailants, which is to say that might is not always right and, so, might alone is not enough to win all battles at all times.

It follows that peace is the business of all, especially the two sides to a dispute. This business of peace begins with mutual respect, consideration for the other’s point of view and, tolerance or endurance of each other’s foible. It is hard to have peace in any other way but this, except the peace of the graveyard.

However, there are those, who believe that peace means that they must have their way at all times. To them, you must surrender your pants to them for peace to reign. And they also believe that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Until you defer to them as to the lords, and unless you submit to their ever whims and caprices, to them, you do not want peace.

Others are those, who preside over institutions that are unjust, unfair, discriminatory and imperious in a multi-religious and multi-ethnic polity, yet pretend to be father-of-all. These are the ones, who instigate trouble and, when those targeted are destroyed, would turn around and appeal for ‘peace’ and ‘calm,’ having attained their objectives.

Their own type of peace as described is when their object of hate rests-in-peace. And yet, these are in the majority of the peace-seekers we have in the defunct North today. Because these peace-seekers are impervious to harmonious existence with those, who are not of the same religious faith like them, their call for peace is, and ought to remain, suspicious. And because they are not peace-makers, they seek for peace in hypocrisy as their past records of several decades have proved.

When dealing with hypocritical peace-seekers, is it not only wise and prudent to heed the old adage: when they are looking for peace, then prepare for war? Those, who precipitate mayhem with a view of pecuniary benefits from the destruction, are leeches that feast on peace: they ought to be denied their favourite pastime.

Culled from Our VISION magazine (editorial), Vol.5 No.6, 2004

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