Islamic Discrimination Has Reached Its Peak In Nigeria

“We, the East and West, here in Nigeria, are like the blacks in South Africa. We are suffering for our faith every day. IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN IN A HIGHER INSTITUTION, THEY WILL REMOVE YOU AND PUT A MUSLIM THERE.” This was by an Evangelist, Aug 8, 1990, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

This type of discriminations against Christians has been spreading rapidly throughout Nigeria like a deadly plague since the country joined the OIC in 1986. It is a fact that these persons, who could not be converted to Islam, are being treated with the same kind of bigotry that drove the German people to persecute the Jews, Slavs and other “non-conformists.”

The detailed DISCRIMINATORY APPOINTMENTS AGAINST NON-MUSLIMS IN NIGERIA BY BUHARI ADMINISTRATION was published by this paper on 13/8/16. The summary of the list of appointments is as follows: North West, 25; North East, 9; North Central, 4. This did not come to the knowledge of the Middle-Belt people as a surprise. South West, 4; over to you Ajiwaju Tunubu, the main sponsor of Buhari Presidency.  South-South, 6, and of course, the South-East with zero, which to us, is not surprising.

The Reichstag passed the Reich Citizenship Law, and later passed another Law, which reduced the Jews to the status of second-class citizens … the treatment of the Slavs’ countries was particularly brutal. The Nazis regarded their peoples next to the Jews, as an inferior race, to be decimated and reduced to the status of slaves, if the plan to exterminate them seemed impracticable.

This is the same policy of President Buhari on the peoples of the Middle-Belt and the Nigerians states. What is happening in Nigeria is a concentrated effort initiated by the OIC/IAO supporting Buhari government to abolish Christianity from every facet of life, as Muslims are vainly attempting to establish themselves as the “first class citizens of Nigeria.” They forget that they are the Negroid Arab from the desert. The recent mass killing of about 52 men in Zaki-Biam is another ongoing extermination of the people of the Benue Middle-Belt to give place for his tribesmen, the Fulani stock.

They have also been trying to cast Christians of the Middle-Belt and other Christians in the country as “second class” mold. This is also part of the initial stages of their devised eradication programme. Total secrecy is paramount to the successful execution of their plans, they think, just as it was in the case of Hitler’s holocaust. If not, how can a responsible government allow the continuous unlawful killings of its citizens with impunity by the Fulani herdsmen? The Jews, then, were not under any circumstances to know of the preparations for their evacuation because:

“ABSOLUTE SECRECY IS, THEREFORE, ESSENTIAL …”  The Report of a conference at the RSHA (Central Office of State Security, Himmler’s Hq), Dept IV B4, 6th March, 1942, was revealed. By Speaker, SS Obersfurma-fuehrer Eichmann3. This is the tactic President Buhari is adopting in the country. His government is ruled by a cabal within his eyes in Aso Rock, because he has no control of the country.

Besides, many Christian believers, especially from the cultural Middle-Belt Region, are currently facing job discrimination and educational limitations. There is, throughout the country, an increasing restriction, especially on open air preaching, church assembly, Bible teaching and fellowship gatherings in public schools and universalities. In Sokoto State, for example, even the right to personally practice Christian principles in the privacy of one’s own home is being violated.

“I am a Christian from the Eastern part of the country, soldiering in the Northern part, which is a Muslim-dominated area. The few Christians in this northern part have no freedom of worship. It is very unfortunate that freedom and privileges have been deprived from us due to hostility, havoc propaganda and rampages of these opposition groups. We endure evil treatment from these people, both in local and federal government level, unemployment and preferential treatment in all aspects of life.” By Brother in Christ, Aug 27, 1990, Bama, Borno State, Nigeria.



Wiping out Christian churches

In the Secret Document mentioned earlier on, one of the petrol-wealth strategies being used by Boko Haram and key Muslim leaders is the purchase of Christian church lands and properties, and disallowing them rights of land to build churches. The revocation of already existing land Certificates of Occupancy is an ongoing project. This strategic move is aimed at depriving Christ’s followers from places to meet and worship.

A Secret Document C/o The Islamic Council London, SW1X 8BO, ref No. IAO/90/FGN1, Rajab LLAH of February 5, 1990 Secret Document #3 states, “TO DIE IN THE PATH OF ALLAH OUR TAGET” ISLAMIC LIBERATION MOVEMENT is tagged “AIMS.”

Attacking the Freedom to Worship

During the Gulf War crisis, Muslim intolerance for Christian freedoms became very evident to Westerners. The multi-national armed forces defending Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region were forbidden to openly practice Christianity or Judaism. American soldiers were also prohibited from displaying crosses, Stars of David, or any other Christian and Jewish symbols.

Banning Christian Studies

A double standard has been created in favour of Muslims. Its purpose is to drive the born-again Christians from the education system. The government has been at work banishing Christian teaching from its schools, i.e., public schools.

In a letter to the evil Satan earlier referred to, the evil Satan, the most corrupt gap-tooth Babangida, while he was the military President of Nigeria, was instructed in that letter, to:-

(iii,      Place ban on all forms of worship by Christians, Ahmadiyyas and other tribal religions.

(iv,      Impose Sharia Law on Nigeria, Islamize all universities, colleges and schools and courts of law in the Federal Islamic Sultanate of Nigeria.

President Buhari is implementing the strategy of Islamizing the country. He has completely Islamized the Education Sector of this country. The details of appointment into the universities, etc., were published by this paper. Islamic States of  West Africa Province (ISWAP) encouraged and financed the activities of Boko Haram to carry out most of the atrocities in North Africa over the past years.

Nigeria witnessed a 300% rise in fatalities from terror acts to 7,512. When it extended its activities to Nigeria in 2013, Nigeria ranked fifth in terms of the highest levels of deaths, and it has moved to second position since then. The data, published in the third edition of the Global Terrorism Index, was produced by the Institute for Economic and Peace, and drawn from data collected by the Global Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

In spite of these acts of terrorism, particularly within the cultural Middle-Belt Region, the world has turned a blind eye on Nigeria, even though it is aware that President Buhari is an Islamist, and, is promoting the activities of terrorists – the Fulani herdsmen, regarded as the world’s most deadly terrorist organization.

At the close of her 56th Annual General Conference of August 21st, to 26th, 2016, at Port-Harcourt, The Nigeria Bar Association called for the restructuring of the Nigeria Federation as an imperative in combating corruption. The conference on page 15 of its communiqué, said, “The Nigeria Federation be restructured along the current six geo-political zones to make up six Federating Regions so that emphasis no longer be at the centre with the tendency for primitive accumulation of wealth in what is often identified as a ‘no man’s land’ centre.” It has all along been the position of this paper that the country be restructured in line with the Resolutions and Recommendations of the last National Conference of 2014. This is widely accepted by well-meaning, good people of Nigeria, because its implementation will bring about lasting peace in the country.

It is important for those of us, who are not familiar with the Islamic religion and their da’wah work, to learn more about the menace Christian followers are facing and why. The sobering realities of this warfare hit home when one comes to understand the character of Christianity verses to that of Islam. Christians are taught to continue to truly live the Royal Law of Love as presented in the New Testament.

In spite of this, the Buhari Administration is busy funding and subsidizing the building of mosques and Islamic schools, while Christian churches and fellowship halls are being banned and demolished. He has never come out to make public and condemn these ill acts of religious persecutions.

“The Deeper Life Bible Church building in Sokoto State, a branch of the church to which I belong, was destroyed by the followers of Satan. The enemies of the Gospel are the rulers of our country. They refuse to give us land to build churches, because the constitution invests power to the government to control all the land. After much prayer to God, they have approved our requests for land to build church houses, which they later burnt down, because the Pentecostal Church preaches the undiluted Gospel of Christ to them.”

For President Buhari, peace will not be achieved until Islam has swallowed a land. Peace, to him, means total eradication of his enemies – the Christians. It means subjugating, killing or swallowing all non-conformists, e.g., the frequent killings of Nigerians by his tribesmen, the Fulani herdsmen, are perfect examples.

Christians are under persecution daily because of the type of President we have. For many years, Muslim leaders have been at work laying the groundwork for the fulfillment of their religious and political goals. Sadly enough, Nigerians are now seeing the education institutions of their country being brought into conformity to Islamic ideals as stated in the IAO communiqué.

Besides taking over Mission Schools by the previous governors, Col. Chris A. Garuba, and Col. Joshua M. Madaki in Bauchi State, both of them built mosques in public places, including the seat of Government in both states. They established schools for Moslems with public funds. The schools built are Arabic Teachers’ College, Gombe, Arabic Women’s Teachers’ Alkaleri, Legal Islamic School Studies, Misau. The two former Military Governors were of the Christian faith. In the words of Dr B. Takaya, they were Gate-Ways used to achieve the Islamic agenda.

The government spends thousands of naira annually as grants to Koranic Schools in the States. In addition to all these, there is widespread denial of land to build churches, cemeteries and lack of promotion of Christian officers.

In the midst of the ill-treatment, every day the price for remaining faithful to Christ grows higher for Christian staff in the Nigerian education system and in other sectors of the economy. President Buhari is once more reminded that Nigeria is a secular nation.

President John F. Kennedy of the United States of America once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


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