2019: Senator Sani cautions Buhari against recommending politicians for people

Ahead of 2019, a Senator representing Kaduna Central at the National Assembly, Comrade Senator Shehu Sani, said that President Muhammadu Buhari must stop the culture of raising the hands of politicians, who end up betraying him and Nigerians.

The Senator, who was reacting against complaints by Gbagyi Villa communities over sidelining them from employment and contracts by Governor Nasir El-Rufai-led administration, on Monday in Kaduna, said “Buhari must stop recommending Mr A or Mr B, but allow the people to decide whom they want to vote and whom they want to vote out, as we gear up towards 2019.”

According to him, secret employment by agencies of government is a strategy to denying the children of the poor an opportunity to source of livelihood.

“We are in a certain stage were people are not employed except they come with a short note either from the Presidency, Governor, Senator or any ‘influential’ Nigerian,” he said, stressing that “this has seriously undermined the principles of transparency and due process.”

Shehu said, “There are two types of Nigerians – the elite, the powerful and the mighty (on one hand) and the elite of the poor and the down trodden. The two Nigerians are not about tribe or being a Muslim or a Christian but a certain class.

“Democracy, even though gives us the right and the liberty to exist as Nigerians and to elect people into positions, but there is no democracy on a way that Nigeria’s economy is being operated to the poor.

“We have the conservative political elite and the political progressive elite. If the political progressive elite did not solve the problems created by the conservative political elite, it is clear there won’t be popularly votes; and we must check it very well,” Sani added.

He observed that, “If you want to change Nigerian government, we must touch on the executive, parliamentary; and for the society we must touch the Judiciary,” adding, “if we want to change Nigeria, we must touch the 3 arms of government.”

Shehu Sani further stated that, describing one of government arms as devils and considering the two other arms of government as saints is an illicit strategy of sustaining a system that will collectively exploit and oppress the people.

“People are forcefully conditioned to see the Presidency as a chapel of saints and the Judiciary as a Cathedral of devils, which is wrong and condemnable. Nigerians desirous of change must pay equal attention and exert equal pressure and demand on transparency from the 3 arms of government,” Shehu Sani added.

Earlier, Youth leaders of the Gbagyi communities, led by Mr. Akila Luka, decried lack of employment and award of contracts by the present administration as it affects them.

“We are facing a lot of challenges ranging from School, Roads and Hospitals. If we have these facilities, our suffering will be alleviated. Most companies situated in Kufena are within us. During employment, we are not even aware,” adding “we have qualified Youths that are educated,” the chairman disclosed.


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