Authority Of Accreditation Of HND/ND Nursing Graduates: NMCN And NBTE On War Path

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) has said any programme that has to do with the Nursing profession must be approved by the body, for it to be authentic.

Deputy Director, Nursing Services University of Jos Health Services, Barrister John O. Musa, who made the clarification, said any programme for nursing not approved by the Nursing Council is illegal.

However, this ‘clarification’ by Barr Musa runs contrary to National Board for Technical Education (NBTE)’s earlier disposition that the NBTE is the only institution vested with the sole responsibility of accrediting schools of technology offering HND academic programmes.

Musa, in an interview, at the instance of 2017th Biennial Nursing Leaders Conference in Kaduna, said the problems facing some Colleges of Health Technology graduates was lack of improper accreditation of programmes.

While he admitted of many quack Nurses in the profession, Musa however noted that majority of the quackery (untrained Nurses) were predominantly engaged into the practice in the proliferated private health system that could not (afford to) employ qualified Nurses.

The Nursing leader further explained that the Council has streamlined the educational policy of the country, saying those, who finished their school as qualified Staff-Nurse and Midwifery, respectively, have been mandated to go further and read their BSc Nursing.

“Nursing Council now says that it’s only those with BSc Nursing Council that are recognized and that there’s nothing like ‘allied courses’ to the Nursing profession anymore.

“So, if you don’t have BSc Nursing, there’s no way you can move to the top. That’s why those people, like HND, ND Health or Nursing are having problems. Already, those, who are Staff Nurse and Midwife, who are working in General Hospitals, are equivalent of HND; but they still have to go for degree in BSc Nursing.

“And, I’m sure all those kinds of institutions did not get the proper accreditation to run that programme, but went ahead to run it, illegally – without the Nursing Council’s approval.  Any programme that the nurses have to do must be approved by NMCN, and how the Nurses’ educational programme can be streamlined in such a way that the health system will be beneficial to the common man in the country,” he maintained.

Barr Musa said the Conference was organized for nursing leaders to meet and consolidate on the educational programme for Nurses in Nigeria, with a view to harmonizing the system among professionals on the way forward.

It would be recalled that, just last year, HND graduates of School of Health Technology Makarfi, Kaduna State, protested at Arewa House for lack of recognition and registration by the Nursing Council, and blamed NBTE over their predicament.

But, Conscience Triumph wonders, who really has the “powers of accreditation” of our teeming Nurses and Midwives; is it the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) or NBTE? This wrangling has been on for quite awhile, putting the nursing graduates in a prolonged suspense. Government should wade in with a once-and-for-all, clear-cut solution.


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