*Vaccination team members attending to a child during an immunization exercise in Kurudu, Abuja, 26/03/2017. (Photo by NAN).

Culled from DailyTrust, March 27, 2017






*Members of Catholic Women Organisation of Sacred Heart Gwagwalada at a Thanksgiving Service, during the Mothers’ Day Celebration in Abuja, 26/03/2017. (Photo by NAN).

Culled from DailyTrust, March 27, 2017





‘Haw! Get yersel’ away’: Queen’s Guard
shouts at dancing tourist

*This is the dramatic moment one of the Queen’s Guards scared off a dancing tourist outside St James’s Palace by shouting at him: ‘Haw! Get yersel’ away.’ The soldier, who is thought to be part of the Scots Guard regiment, yelled the command in broad Scottish slang leaving viewers battled. At the beginning of the video – which has racked up thousands of views – a man can be seen dancing on the spot outside the royal palace in London. Suddenly, one of the guards in the background wearing a distinctive bearskin hat and grey winter tunic, shouts at the tourist ordering him to stop. He says: ‘Haw, get yersel’ away, ye came and ye done this yesterday anaw, do him wan, turn the camera aff.’ That roughly translates as: ‘Listen, get yourself away. You came and did this yesterday too. Do him one, turn the camera off.’ The embarrassed tourist can be seen in the video quickly halting his dance and shuffling away. (Photo by Iokirna md/Youtube).

Culled from DailyTrust, March 27, 2017




The Connecting-rod of Nigeria’s Unity


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