About 660,000 Killed With Malaria In Sub-Saharan Africa Every Year

About 660,000 people have been estimated worldwide to be killed from malaria, mainly children under five years, in Sub-Saharan Africa every year, which is an occurrence of more than 200 million cases.

Plateau State commissioner for Health, Dr Kamshak Deyin Kuden, disclosed this during a press briefing to journalists in Jos, on Tuesday, in his office to mark the World Malaria Day.

Dr Kuden said that most of these cases are never tested or registered, stressing that, a recent finding has shown down progress, and emerging drug and insecticide resistance threats are known to reverse recent gains.

The Commissioner explained further that, Nigeria has implemented three National Malaria Strategic Plans to date, and presently is implementing a fourth plan, which covers the period of 2014-2020. He said, the NMSP 2014-2020 aims was to achieve ‘pre-elimination status’ and reduce malaria-related deaths to zero by 2020.

Commissioner of Ministry of Health, Dr. Kamshak Deyin  Kuden,  addressing  journalists in Jos

According to him, the first National Malaria Indicator Survey (NMIS) was implemented in 2010, adding that, the prevalence of malaria was 56 percent using the malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) and using 42 percent Microscopy.

He called on all the entire populace in the state to utilize the long lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets, which is scientifically proven, to be effective in holding the transmission of Lymphatic Filariasis and Malaria.

Dr. Kuden urged the people to ensure strict compliance to the policy of Diagnosis Malaria before treatment, adding that, in 2015, the state government distributed 2.4 million Long Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets (LLINs) to households, achieving over 80 percent coverage as recommended by WHO.

The Commissioner further called on the malaria community, from Primary Health Care Workers, to Drug and LLIN Manufacturers, Epidemiologists, Volunteer Health Workers, active partners and the general public to be committed in playing their roles in contributing in the fight to reduce the burden of malaria.

He said, they will soon undertake intensive Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) activities in all the 17 local government areas of the state, with the aim of increasing the demand for malaria services and commodities in the rural communities.

The World Malaria Day was set aside to reflect on the gains of Global Fight Against Malaria. The 2017 theme of the World Malaria Day is “End Malaria For Good” and the slogan is “What is your role?”


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