10-year old uses music to campaign against child abuse, exploit in early marriage

A 10-year old Nigerian has launched a campaign against all forms of child abuse, exploitation and early child marriage through his guitar music, urging African Union to end child-soldier and killings of Albinos and violence against children accused of witchcraft in the region.

The increasing menace of child abuse, violation and molestation in African countries, which include child-soldier and child-labour, human trafficking, kidnapping and abduction, rape and child-rights violation, have attracted the attention of the boy whose name is Usman Mohammed Gashash.

In a interview with journalists shortly after his performance with little kids at his parents’ house, the creative and talented young music artist from Kaduna, Nigeria, had immensely embarked on serious campaign in schools, homes and to his neighborhoods against all forms of child abuse and torture, through his musical group to end this attitude.

He also appealed to African Union to find means of ending terror activities, religious extremism and insecurity disturbing peace and stability in the entire region, affecting millions of lives of children, which makes them become refugees today.

Usman said, child abuse “is a major problem in our world today, and it’s the responsibility of everyone to contribute his own quota towards finding lasting solution of reducing the increasing violation of child’s rights throughout the African continent, so as to enable every child to have his/her freedom and right as a citizen.

Usman Gashash (right), playing his music and song on the stage in Kaduna

“Lives of Albino children in the region are under-serious threat as many of them are now being hunted for many ritual reasons, while climate change is also another contributive factor that needs to be considered in saving lives of such children; and we must stand to fight against any kind of challenges that could cripple the lives of our African Albinos,” he said.

Usman said “Most of my songs are for freedom of children’s rights, which include access to education, rights to adequate food, shelter, clean water, primary health care, leisure and recreation, cultural activities and information about their rights,” adding that he will keep on producing good songs that will protect the image of children all over the African region and world-wide.

“Many children in Africa have, today, become millions of refugees as a result of inter- and intra-religious conflicts, political crisis, farmers and herdsmen clashes, terrorist and extremist activist, among others and, as such, the problem of malnutrition is the biggest challenges those children refugees are facing day-by-day.”

According to Usman, child-soldier is on the increase in the region of Africa due to insecurity and poverty, as many young children are forced to participate in wars and various ethno-religious and political conflicts in the continent, while positing that these children are forced to join the military by various groups in different nations across the continent with the aims of providing a dispensable force to the groups without looking at their young age; and all these are exposing the young boys to unusual attitudes, which will make them become notorious people in the near-by future.

Usman pointed out that there is the need for the African Union to also find means of ending violence against children accused of witch-craft in the entire region, which according to him, is also on the increase.

“Children, who are specifically at risk of such accusations, include orphans, street-children, Albinos, disabled children, children who are unusually gifted, children who were born prematurely or in unusual positions, and twins.”

Additionally, Usman said “Children with physical abnormalities in some African countries are considered to be ‘ritually impure,’ while others are always being kept inside their houses, and were being seen blocked from coming outside to interact and play with other children due to their unusual look in nature.”

He said “We must join hands together, in order to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation in all of Africa, so as to save our sisters from the old tradition of harming them in the name of “protecting” them traditionally. He also urged all children network organizations world-wide to rise up and face all the challenges facing African children.

“As for me, I will keep on using music as an instrument to spread the message of fighting child’s-rights violation, and I will keep on calling through my songs for all African children’s freedom against all forms of Humiliation and Torture,” said the young Usman.



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