PDP accuses Governor Lalong on use of monies collected

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau state has accosted the the APC-led government in the state to explain the whereabouts of over N97 billion received by the revue administration in its first one year.

The APC government was also requested to account for N18 billion taken from commercial banks in the first three months of its “rescue” administration. The accusation was made Tuesday at the PDP office in Jos, by its chairman, Hon. Damishi T. Sango.

According  to Hon Sango, the sum of 4.5 billion naira was spent in the first one year on exotic cars, and 1.4 billion naira on placing tracking devices on government cars, which on average per car is in excess of the cost of a new car.

He further accused the government to explain how they spent over 155 million naira on insuring cars when the financial regulations do not allow for the insurance of government vehicles.

Hon. Damishi Sango PDP chairman, Hon. Damishi Sango, addresses journalists in Jos. With him are his excited PDP members, on Democracy Day.

Hon. Sango further said the most shameful act of the rescue administration was the illegal dissolution of the democratically-elected local government councils in the state, saying, “The exercise was not a surprise to us, given the general lack of respect the APC nationwide has shown to the tenets of democracy.”

The chairman maintained that the rescuers of plateau have but murdered democracy by the dissolution of the elected local government councils, adding that, the councils are right now being run undemocratically. “How then,” he queried, “does the APC substitute democracy with impunity and ask the people to celebrate democracy on a day like this? Who is fooling who?”

According to him, since the opposition APC received the mantle of leadership, both at the federal and state levels, it has been the worse for it – the whole nation is groaning; adding that, there is unparalleled distress across the land: suffering, death, threats of secession, mismanagement of camps of internally displaced persons (IDPs), as well as unbridled economic plans.

Hon Sango stressed that two years on, plateau state had not a single achievement to celebrate. The administration has been marked by uncanny excuses for non-performances, adding that the governor is rather eager to take loans from banks, while still complaining that his predecessor had left him with huge debts.

The chairman expressed that the change mantra of the APC lacks ‘inspirational power,’ because the leaders have failed to inspire others for any phenomenal development.


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