Brethren, Who Is Our Leader?

These are the facts:

  • On 4th Feb. 2017, American Congress affirmed that the most dangerous nation on earth to be a Christian is Nigeria.
  • Over 13,000 Churches destroyed and abandoned in northern Nigeria. Research by Arne Mulder in 2014. (You can imagine what the current figure would be in 2017)
  • Over 60% of Christian deaths globally due to persecution are Nigerian Christians killed in Nigeria.
  • The 1st worst global terrorist organization (Boko Haram) and the 4th (Fulani herdsmen) operate in Nigeria.
  • According to Borno Gov. Shetima, Boko Haram has killed over 100,000 Nigerians (Mostly Christians).
  • Persecution of Christians is worse in Nigerian than Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, North Korea, Cambodia, all of them put together. 50 nations persecute Christians and Nigeria carries over 60% of the persecutions. The remaining 49 nations share 40%.

The strength of the Islamists in Nigeria is control of the State. The instrument of governance in Nigeria is daily used to harass, intimidate, suppress, oppress, persecute, murder, and marginalize Christians.

The Christian Social Movement of Nigeria seeks to mobilize Christians to be aware of these issues so they can take proactive steps before Christianity is emasculated in Nigeria and the country becomes another Turkey, as God warned in September 2013.


Whenever God wanted to help the children of Israel out of bondage, the first sign that God had stepped in would be emergence of a leader. In all cases of God’s intervention, the first step of God would be to raise a leader. That was how Moses, Othniel, Ehud, Samson, Gideon, Deborah, even David, emerged.

Who is the Christian political leader in Nigeria?

We have two options:

  1. We can continue to pray and fold our hands, which would be “faith without works”
  2. Or, we can continue to pray and at the same start planning depending on God to bless us with His wisdom and direction.

In one of our articles, (which you might have received) we stated there is a vacuum in the Nigerian Church. Christians have no political leader. The Muslims created a leadership institution in Nigeria – The Sultanate. Christians do not have such institution properly recognized, yet. It is however, imperative that we must build one, with God’s guidance.

For your information, the Sultan is not a religious leader, he is a political leader. The leader of Islam as a religion is the President of Supreme Council of Islamic Preachers in Nigeria (SCIPIN). The Sultan is not a spiritual leader; he is the leader of political Islam (Islamism). The Muslims built a political structure to dominate the nation.

The Christians on the other hand, attempted building a political structure, which is CAN. The Christian Association of Nigeria was built as a Christian political structure that is why in CAN, no one discusses doctrine. CAN was formed in August 1976 in response to perceived threat of the State and Islam against the Church. Unfortunately, after building CAN, Christians disagreed on the role and functions of CAN. Today, Christians insist, “CAN must not play politics”.

Okay, so what alternative institution do you have to engage the State and Islam?


First and foremost, it is crucial to adjudicate in conflicts and build cohesion and consensus. The Muslims have realized that in the Church there is no cohesion, it is every man for himself. So, they play the game of divide and rule. For example, in one of the states in the North, a retired Muslim military General called different Christians to contest a Senatorial position. He gave one Christian N10m, another one N15m, and the third Christian N20m. They all collected the money.

He held a secret meeting with each one of them and assured each person of his personal backing and insisted that come what may, each Christian should not step down for another person. The Governor of the State, then a Christian, called all of them to agree on a consensus candidate. All the Christians refused.

Consequently, they divided their votes and the Muslim candidate won. In that Christian state, today, all the three Senatorial districts are represented by Muslims. Meanwhile, Christians are in the majority.

This pattern is replicated in Governorship elections, House of Reps, and so on. Why do the Muslims succeed? They succeed because they have a political leader while the Christians have no political leader.


This is why you are invited to join the discussion platform of the CSMN and give counsel. Your contribution is crucial. We need a Christian political leader from your geo-political Zone. Someone has to rise from your Zone to unite the Christians within the Zone and properly organize them for effectiveness in governance. Then, we need to agree on a Christian political leader for the nation. This individual will not contest the position of Presidency but he will harmonize Christians to agree on a single candidate and a single Agenda.

If we do not get Christians harmonized and properly coordinated to respond to these issues, God forbid what is threatening should occur. Let no one be in doubt. These are political issues and they require political solutions. Political power is being used against the Church. The Christian Elders are not politicians but they realize what is going on. After prayer and fasting, you would still require political solutions.

You can join the discussion platform on WhatsApp 080 78 15 15 15. (Send your name and your zone by SMS)

What do you think?

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria, CSMN

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