Ex-Plateau State Governor Asserts “No Imposition Of Candidates On Fourth Coming General Elections In Plateau State”

Former governor of Plateau State and the Senator representing Northern Zone Constituency at the National Assembly, Da Dr. Jonah D Jang, has assured the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that, there will be “no imposition of anybody on our people.”

He said that “you can aspire for any position you want,” promising that there will be free and fair elections during the primaries, where the people themselves will choose the candidates of their choice.

PDP party members during  the occasion at Langfield Resort, Rayfield, Jos

Senator Jang disclose this during a “home coming” reception in honour of Amb Chris Giwa and others, who decamped to PDP over the weekend in Jos. For former governor said “those, who have left the PDP to the ruling party, the APC, cannot be trusted by the party, because “you cannot be disloyal to your father and be loyal to someone else’ father; they can’t trust you.”

Senator Jang assured the party members that “the problem of the party at the national level would soon be over, and we have decided that come rain, come sunshine, PDP will remain a united political party; and, by the grace of God, the Supreme Court will do justice that will come out from the Almighty God.”

According to him, PDP has the umbrella that would cover everybody, which none of the political parties has, adding that, Amb Giwa has never been in PDP.

He said, “People, who believe in PDP, are people who are determined; come rain, come sunshine, we are marching back to our new Government House, come 2019,” and urged members of the party to be united.

“We cannot fight an incumbent government as a divided PDP; we must be united to fight,” he said, while assuring that, “as their leaders, we would do everything within our powers to make sure that PDP remains one single entity on the plateau.”

According to Jang, “we must  put the party right first,” and warned those people, who are trying or want to start dividing the PDP, to desist from such political ambitions, saying, “and we are going to do everything within our powers for the party to be united.”

In his speech, Amb Chris Giwa has urged the people to throw away the problem of envy, saying that, “Giwa has come to contribute his quota. I am not a lazy man, I am not a weak man and I am not the one, who can surrender, no matter how you intimidate me with your treats; you cannot make me to surrender.”

“I will resist you, I will fight you, I will face you, because I know well, God is the one that gives leadership; for as long as God keeps me alive, gives me the strength, I will face any man born from a woman,” he stated.

According to Giwa, “the decision I took to be in this party is not my making, but it is indeed God’s doing. It is not about courage, but it’s the will of God.”

He further stated that, “I have not come to contest election or I have come to compete with anybody, but to make Baba Jang go back as a Senator and to put the government in placed, come 2019.

“I am not afraid; I have come to put my faith and courage together with you so that, nobody will intimidate us. Plateau is a PDP State; whatever that has happened in the past has happened; we have to forget about it, and let us move and look forward and let us be courageous now, so that no one can intimidate us,” he said.


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