Nigerian Christians Fighting Back


I read the write-up with the above caption, though the source is unknown.  I don’t know if it’s a deliberate act or it was intentionally hidden by the author to hide identity. First flaw out of many I noticed in the article is in Nigeria we don’t spell Honour as “Honor” but “Honour.” We speak British English and not American.

I thought I should ignore the writer but the gullibility of Nigerians is beyond imagination that prompted me to write a rejoinder.

I will describe the write-up as a bunch of garbage written by somebody who could only be under the influence of cheap drugs to write such garbage on our respected Generals TY Danjuma, Zamani Lekwot and the respected Elder statesman Chief Dr. Chukwuemeka Eziefe former Governor. Apart from lies I also noticed many distorted facts which I believe might be due to ignorance of the writer or his state of mind most likely influenced by drugs.

One of the garbage is that Danjuma convened a Northern Christian Elders Forum NCEF. Danjuma, Lekwot and Eziefe were never in any Northern Christian Elders Forum in the first place.  The meeting which the trio he mentioned attended was National Christian Elders Forum. It’s only an evil and mischievous person will replace National with Northern in desperation to drive a point and   to deceive gullible Nigerians especially his Fulani readers.

The Garbage went ahead to say Ezeife is Igbo; what is Igbo doing in Northern Christian Elders Meeting.  I have refuted the claim of the writer that it was a Northern Christian Meeting.  The garbage also said Igbos are bent on destabilising Nigeria, but even a mad man knows the agents of destabilisation are the Fulanis. South East, South-South, Middlebelt and SouthWest leaders recently met not because of Igbos but because of Fulanis.  For the writer to cast Igbos in such bad light and exonerated his tribe the Fulanis who are the 4th most dangerous terrorist group in the world known to the United Nations is rather unfortunate.

The Fulani stupidity has gotten to a crescendo that anybody who Loves Nigeria needs to talk.  TY Danjuma has delayed for so long before he even spoke.  The writer didn’t hide his hatred for TY Danjuma for saying the minds of most Nigerians.  Because TY has a National Honour he should not speak out.  National Honours and blood of 1 Nigerian killed by Fulanis – which is more important?  You can always get a honour but you can’t always get life? Ango Abdullahi that always vituperates nonsense insulting everybody doesn’t his Professorship deserves him to be civil in his approach.  Is Ango Abdullahi not a disgrace to the worthy profession called Agriculture, which I belong, and a Professor of Agronomy for that matter? Is Ango Abdullahi not rubbishing the Zenith of academic achievement called Professor?  Sometimes when Ango Abdullahi talks I wonder how he got his Professor.

TY Danjuma donated N2.2b to ABU Zaria something no Fulani has ever done yet Christianity which TY Danjuma belongs to First before any other thing are denied admission, employment and even preferred courses of study are not given to Christians in the school yet TY Danjuma overlooked all that and still cough out such large chunk of money and gave ABU.  The writer refused to mention that.  TY Danjuma would have donated that money to University of Jos or even Nassarawa State University who are admitting everybody irrespective of tribe and religion.

The writer was mentioning oil wells as if the Fulanis own the Oil wells and only gave TY some for his loyalty to them and they cannot understand despite all this favour they the Fulanis did to TY Danjuma he has the audacity to challenge them.  Please do we have any oil well in Sokoto?  Or when did Nigerian oil belong to Fulani?

Apart from Chief Ezeife and TY Danjuma the writer took time to insult General Zamani Lekwot the leader of Southern Kaduna Elders Forum.  The writer said Lekwot Organised genocide in Kafanchan.  Please, has there been any genocide in Kafanchan?  The writer needs to be arrested for churning out such false information.

When ever the Fulani herdsmen matter comes up the Fulanis find a way of bringing in Zamani Lekwot and why the Kangaroo Military tribunal Okadigbo Tribunal which Lekwot and the other Atyap Nationals didn’t have any legal representation and didn’t have any right to appeal.  Fulani invented a narration that Lekwot was spotted on a tree firing at Fulanis in Zangon Kataf.  Evidence shows that Lekwot was in Kaduna when the Zangon Kataf riots broke out.  But today Fulanis are singing like national anthem everywhere the opportunity warrants.  Lekwot is not killed by hanging as recommended by the Kangaroo tribunal that’s why Fulanis are on killing spree in Benue, Southern Kaduna and Taraba.

This other Elder statesmen attended the Nigerian Christian Elders meeting.
Elder Solomon Asemota,
Gen. Joshua Dogonyaro (retd),
Elder Moses Ihonde,
Elder Shyngle Wigwe, and not only 3 people the writer brought out to cast aspersion on them.

What the Nigerian Christian Elders said is true,  the problem of Nigeria is Jihad. Jihad is ongoing in Nigeria.

Jihad is:
Spiritual, and

And we have seen all these five forms of Jihad working in Nigeria.  We will continue to shout it and say it if the devil hates it he should stop it if not we will expose him. And a time will reach we will say enough is enough.  I will advice Fulanis not to force Middlebelt youths into forming militia groups.
TY Danjuma,  Zamani Lekwot and Dr.  Chukwuemeka Ezeife and others for coming out to speak, you have shaken the foundation of wickedness in Nigeria, we the Youths of Nigeria are solidly behind you.  No campaign of calumny should deter you.  The devil is exposed, this time around, the devil always likes to hide his identity but we will continue to expose him, if he doesn’t stop his evil agenda against Nigeria.

David Ayuba Azzaman
Core Middlebelt Values


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