Alarm over collapsed bridges in Plateau State: Jos East to the rescue

Caretaker Committee chairman of Jos East local government, Hon. Dauda A. Brade, has called on government of Plateau State to come to their rescue over three (3) collapsed bridges in the local government.

“We have another bridge that has collapsed around the Shere Maze Road, that people cannot pass through,” adding that, “the other one is around Gada, that is, from Angware to Gada Rinji, which is almost collapsing as well.

According to him, “those are the only roads that link to the Secretariat and other villages within the locality; the major one is the bridge that has collapsed,” adding that, “before I was appointed, that bridge was already collapsed.”

Speaking to newsmen recently in his office in Jos East local government council of Plateau State, Hon. Brade further explains that, when he came on board, they put heads together with the member representing Jos East in the State House of Assembly, and that he was also in touch with the contractor, adding that, all they had to do was to wait for the rains to subside for the work to start.

The bridge is almost seeing cutting off. One would wonder if that bridge – or those 3 bridges – cut off entirely, the people of that community cannot come out or even gain access to the state headquarters.

He further explains that, he inherited a liability of N500 million from his predecessor, adding that, “this happened because of the recession as we all know, which is not only in Nigeria but globally.”

The Honourable Commissioner said he has made efforts in mobilizing people to feel the impact of government from the grassroots through visits and interactions with the people, while lamenting that the local government area has no state or federal government facilities, as if they are not part of the state.

“We find it difficult to attend other functions because of the mere situation we find ourselves in.”


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