A flash-back at Annual Cultural Festival of Unle Bado Memorial College (Kaduna) 2016

The Uncle Bado Memorial College, one of grade one Secondary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis, organized an annual cultural festival tagged, “BADOFEST 2016.” The Festival was billed for the 10th of December, 2016, at the School premises. It was an event that attracted the crème de la crème of the society.

The event started off with a grand colorful carnival, which took off from the School gate. The carnival was an excellent mix of diverse cultures, costumes, rhythms, colors, people and aesthetics, which is typical of a school of international standard. The participants cut across social strata, educational pedigrees, class distinctions and cultural backgrounds.

The theme of the event was, “Festival of Harmony.” The theme was apt because it marked a new revolution of bringing harmony to education and life. Complete education is learning that brings change to life and the society, and that is what Uncle Bado Memorial College aims to accomplish.

BADOFEST 2016 witnessed bigger and better inputs than all the previous ones organized by the School. The excellently loaded program had a number of dramatic performances, fashion shows, cultural displays, food exhibitions, talk shows and home-grown comedies. There were special attractions such as an innovational world class wonderland, bouncing castle, horse riding and “catch-fun” games.

Mrs T.B. Dabup, Proprietress

The Guests and attendees were wowed by the level and standard of shows displayed at the event. In their separate interviews, chairman of the Festival and chairman,

Parents/Teachers Association, expressed satisfaction over the event. Others, who were interviewed, rated the festival as “very high.”

Some Guests could not hold their excitement by jumping to their feet anytime an outstanding performance was put up. The management of the school and the organizers ensured that no one within the parameter of the Festival ground stayed without refreshment, though there were many other commercial spots from where one could be refreshed. It was gathered that the barbeque spot was the most visited. Several other commercial spots were adequately patronized.

BADOFEST is the second biggest event, which is always highly anticipated in the College, after the celebrated Inter-house Sports competitions. Other co-curricular events include Literary Day, which holds in November of every other year, traditional day organized once in a year, science/arts exhibitions showcased during the School’s open-day, Inter-house science quiz and Spelling bee competitions. The periodic variety of excursions makes the school outstanding, too.

The School is known for participating in state, national and international competitions. She is also a recipient of many prestigious awards. Just some months ago, she won the best school in transparency and ideal administration in the northern part of the country (awarded by National Ethics and Transparency Initiative, Nigeria), among others.

She also has a track record of consistently keeping a zero exam-malpractice culture during all examinations, especially the West African Examinations Council’s and National Examination Council’s SSCE.

The array of professional and experienced teachers present in the over thirty-year-old School makes the difference at every given time. No wonder, Uncle Bado Memorial College is the delight of most young people in Kaduna State and beyond.

For the records, the school has to her credit, professionals, military officers, business moguls and members of the academia, who were birthed by the school. At the dawn of this year, 2017, the Old Students Association put a program tagged “Funfair” on the 7th of January in the School premises. In attendance were old students, who have excelled in their various fields of endeavor.

Compiled by:

Jimmy Akpaikotudy of English Language Department.

Culled from The Badography, July, 2017.

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