Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO) condemns acts of violence in Jos

The Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO) has condemned in the strongest terms, acts of violence in some parts of Jos, that resulted in widespread fear, confusion, harassment, disruption and a general stampede, which left many innocent and law abiding citizens terrorised, injured and traumatised in the evening of Thursday, 14th September, 2017.

A statement to this effect, which was signed and issued to newsmen in Jos on Sunday by Da Eric E. Fom, stated that BECO and the Berom Nation and, indeed other natives resident in Jos and elsewhere, are not at war with any other Nigerians.

They assured that, “our city and homeland shall not be used or turned into a theatre of war by whosoever we have accommodated, in the spirit of One Nigeria.

“We vow that Jos and its environs shall never again be allowed to be plunged into unavoidable conflict that has only served to uproot, displace and dispossess our people from their homes, farms and vocations.

“It should be noted further, that victims of previous onslaughts have since been abandoned to their fate, with so many still homeless, miserable and unable to return and access their ancestral lands.”

BECO commended the prompt response of the government and the security agencies, and urged them not to relent in fishing out the fomenters and sponsors of these crimes.

The statement commended the State Government “for swiftly imposing a dusk-to-dawn curfew within Jos-Bukuru metropolis, which we strongly believe shall help to forestall degeneration of the situation.”

It called on all Berom and indeed all peace loving Nigerians to remain calm, vigilant and steadfast against miscreants, misguided elements and criminals, who are hell bent on fomenting trouble, division and crisis for their selfish interests.

The statement further clarified that, “the task of defending the peace and our collective peaceful co-existence is for us all, particularly so for those of us with the highest stake in the land.”


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