Echoes of “Baby Guitarist” – Nigeria’s Usman – who stole away Int’l show

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna


“Baby Guitarist” Usman Mohammed Gashash, flanked by relatives.

Ultimately after a month later, the exciting news and cherish memory of a 10-year-old Nigerian guitarist, Usman Mohammed Gashash, who made a surprise performance in international event in Niger Republic, remains fresh and a shining moment, especially by fans and families.

Otherwise known as “Baby Guitarist,” Usman Mohammed did not only open up on his maiden and dramatic performance in the show in the Republic of Niger, little Usman, living together with parent in Kaduna, is drumming for another entertainment outing soon to come in December this year.

This time, in Yemen, his performances in Niger has earned him invitation by government officials from the country to come and entertain school children. For the parents, this is tentatively acceptable; it’s a welcome development for Usman, as long as the talented boy, hale and hearty, is prepared to hit the ground running.

Though discovered much earlier than expected, as a teenager, Usman had performed in over two-to-three events locally and internationally, including the recent commissioning of Olam Poultry Farm event in Kaduna. The event had showcased Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, and Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II, in attendance.

According to Usman and the parents, even though the invitation to perform at “Afukada” – an annual international festival of culture organised to entertain Tourists in Niger – took them by storm, it accorded them an exposure whereby a lot more were learnt socially and otherwise.

Besides the new knowledge acquired from icons in the field of music of guitar, the occasion brought to the fore the joy to experience and perform in occasion where ministers from four other countries of the world attended.

Indeed, Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad Ibrahim Gashash, father and mother of the Guitarist, were reportedly in high spirits during the occasion, owning to the talent demonstrated by their little son, Usman. Accordingly, Usman did not only make them proud but also brought glory, fame and happiness to a family to have performed excellently in the international arena of high magnitude out of the shore of his home country.

“Even Usman is the youngest of all those performed in the supposedly, an annual event, he was said to have ‘stolen away’ the show with the overwhelming support and interest shown him by fans and supporters; so tremendous that visiting and host country ministers present in the show were so impressive and propelled into spending spree.

The 24hours three days’ running occasions, which witnessed display of guitar musical instruments in the nighttime, also showcased the aesthetic beauty contest and displays of Carmel, donkey and other animals in the day time. Leather and cloths were used for decoration with colourful appearance in the day time, also for horse races, among other attractions.

Participants, who but cut across the divides, also used the period to interact, discuss and exchange ideas on how to achieve peace and security within the continent. Peculiarity is the fact that, the September edition came after four years, following the last annual cultural event, for obvious reasons, bothering on insecurity in Africa and neighborhood countries.

“Before I was invited to the stage, I had some fears, but when I got there the fear disappeared. I made the audience my friends and went on,” Usman stated. Usman was not alone but in company of two senior sisters, a senior brother and an adopted child of the father, making them a team of five artistes, said the father who spoke to us in Kaduna.


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