Mutiny as thousands police officers protest no payment of salaries in Kaduna

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigerian Police officers on Monday morning staged a peaceful protest against alleged non-payment of their August and September salaries in Kaduna state, a development that has been described as mutiny.

The protesters, numbering over 2,000, who protested in front of the Salaries Office inside the State Police Command Headquarters, cut across rank and files and officers of the command.

State Commissioner of Police, Agyole Abeh, said the delay in payment is from the IPPS Office and not from of the police and, therefore, appealed for restraint.

“They are police officers operating under the law; if they misbehave, we will deal with them according to the law. This is mutiny. I am in the field attending to a very important security matter, but will be on my way back to headquarters to address them now,” he said.

Some of the protesting officers accused Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, of refusing to allow President Muhammadu Buhari to know the exact situation regarding the non-payment of their salaries.

“She already lied to Mr. President that all is well. How can you fight corruption and you don’t pay police their two months’ salaries,” an officer bellowed.

Our correspondent reliably gathered that eight Police Commands, namely Kaduna, Kebbi, Gombe, Nasarawa, Ekiti, Bayelsa, Imo and Ogun, are being owed August and September salaries.


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