Qatar introduces new system to enable Nigerians in Qatar mark Nigeria’s Independence

By Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Nigeria’s Ambassador to Qatar, Amb Dr Bawa Abdullahi Wase, who is from Wase local government council of Plateau state, has disclosed that his government has put machinery on ground to ensure any Nigerian living in Qatar will be ‘captured.’ At least, 10 thousand Nigerians are resident in Qatar.

The ambassador made this known in Jos in an interview with Conscience Triumph, saying Nigerians residing in Qatar have not celebrated Nigeria’s Independence Day for about 3 years now, and that the new system would give them a smooth-sail in this regard.

He assured that efforts will be for all Nigerians living in Qatar to assemble at the Embassy next year to mark their (Independence) Day, which will be the greatest achievement for Nigeria.

According to him, Qatar has 196 Embassies in its country, and is the country that has the highest number of Embassies in the world, adding that, their investment policy is very, very accommodating to socio-political arrangement as it relates to Nigeria’s benefit.

Amb Wase further explained that, Qatar investment in the Middle East rank up to 21 in the Arab world, which is considered one of the highest. With this, he said, “Qatar government will be very willing to come to Nigeria, which we are to benefit.”

The ambassador further stressed that Nigeria stands to benefit a lot from bilateral policy in the area of manpower development and energy supply to the two countries, adding that, the administration policy exploit between Nigeria and Qatar will yield positive impact on oil sector, which will be used in generating more revenue for the country.

Speaking on gas, he said, the gas, motor gas of Nigeria oil production, Qatar has substantial quantities of it – as the world largest on hydrocarbons, which has the capacity of bringing more revenue to the country from oil.

He said, if the two countries partner locally now, they will see how to achieve economic autonomy as well as areas that need to be improved upon.

“It is very possible that we need the supply to boost our productivity; we are not surprised that Qatar made use of Nigerian components, especially very substantial food components come from outside – USA, Japan – to feed them.”

According to him, with the Nigerian huge population, verse landmass and federal government’s massive input in agricultural sector, which could be used to derive the industrial raw materials, Qatar will be very apt to partner locally with Nigeria to achieve economic stability.

Amb Wase emphasized that, Qatar government has a relax foreign policy on manpower development, which Nigeria stands to benefit greatly, because of abandon population, saying, “It is possible that, with the bilateral relationship with the Qatar government, Nigeria would provide the largest labour and manpower needs of Interpol.”

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