Exposed! El-Rufai’s Litany of Failures, Lies in Kaduna Exposed – Atiku supporter

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

For supporters of former Vice President and presidential hopeful of the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, has failed woefully, politically, economically and otherwise.

Chairman Kaduna state chapter of Atiku Care Foundation, Ibrahim Danfulani, disclosed this in a statement he posted in Kaduna NUJ council chat, titled “El-Rufai’s litany of failures and lies in Kaduna state.”

Danfulani, who lists 40 of the alleged ‘litany of failures’ of El-Rufai in Kaduna State, among others, included the monopolizing of local government funds. According to him, el-Rufai had promised not to touch local government funds, but ended up monopolising it for two years; he promised to conduct local government elections but spent two years with sole administrators.

“He promised to build a 5-star hotel in Kaduna; two years there’s nothing to show for it. He promised to build a Shoprite shopping mall at Galaxy Park, and he is yet to even lay a foundation,” Danfulani stated.

The Foundation chairman also stated that, “He promised to build a Light Rail system in Kaduna, and nothing to show for it. He promised to build 2 thousand housing units; he is yet to finish the 100 blocks of flats he invited VP to commission over a year ago.

“He dug up culverts and drainage systems inside Kaduna and abandoned them midway. He started a free school-feeding program with fanfare, and has since suspended the program,” Danfulani maintained.

The statement further exposed that, “El-Rufai cuts salaries of civil servants at will and owes salaries for over a year, in some cases, among teachers, yet to complete even one bedroom flat for Kaduna people; but he is selling over two thousands Government houses to his families and friends in Lagos.

“He has not paid students’ scholarship for over a year. He has not paid NYSC coppers serving in his state since he took office.

“Traditional rulers in the state have not been paid salaries for close to two years. He retrenched over 8 thousand civil servants, without paying them their entitlements; sold the legislative quarters built by Governor Makarfi to Assembly members at give-away price to cage them, appoint chairman of Kaduna state APC who is not recognised by the national secretariat of the Party,” he said.

According to him, El-Rufai demolished the house of the National Vice Chairman of the Party because he disagreed with him; sacked a university lecturer in Kaduna State University because he is critical of him, arrest and jailed 3 Kaduna-based journalists because they wrote stories critical of him.

“He is yet to tell the people of Kaduna what he has collected from Paris Fund, and what he has done with it. He everyday humiliates the Emir of Zaria by inviting that of Kano to official functions in Kaduna state.

“Public hospitals in Kaduna state, including the one close to the Government House (Yusuf Dantshoho Hospital), are without drugs, without equipment or adequate doctors. Anyone can visit to see,” he lamented.

He continued that, “El-Rufai promised to send his children to public schools, and two years later, he is yet to do so.

“He claimed to drive away beggars and hawkers in Kaduna city, and yet they are everywhere; everyone can see. He spent over 200 million for musical jamboree in a state where public schools are in shambles. He wants to sell all the 30 state owned industries established by Balarabe Musa in just two years and his own is yet to take off.

“Under El-Rufai, Kaduna Trade Fair recorded zero presence of investors. He chatters planes to events in other states at the expense of Kaduna state tax payers, diverts Kaduna state money to revive the moribund telecom firm of his brother, Intercellular, with over 100 million dollars, and pays Kaduna journalists to cover his dirty stories and exaggerate his achievements.

“He keeps Channels TV, Nation, Punch and National Mirror correspondents to mislead the public and give a false impression of him. He is the only state Governor in the North West, who is at war with all the three senators from his state. He is the only state Governor in the North West with factions in his political party.

“El-Rufai gives out contract from his table, and the state Tenders Board is rendered idle, has destroyed the state civil service with his inexperience, siphoned Kaduna money through consultancy from people unknown in the state,” Danfulani stated.

“He also accused the National Assembly of disrespecting the Party, while he is keeping a state party chairman not recognised by the Party at the national secretariat; slashed money for his presidential campaign in the name of joint projects with UBA and Zenith Bank.

“Kaduna Government account is yet to be audited since he took office. This El-Rufai of Kaduna state,” he concluded.


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