Man allegedly “Arrested” in Jos for converting a Muslim girl to Christianity; Mother of Son Cry for Help

By Christiana Gokyo, Jos

PLATEAU STATE: A mother and widow, Mrs Lydia Istafanus Dafup, has expressed worry over the whereabouts of her son, Engineer Simput Eagles Dafup, who was whisked away from his residence recently by security agents.

Addressing journalists in Jos on Friday, during a press conference, Mrs Dafup said, “I don’t know where my son is; nobody has either contacted me or his family of his whereabouts. Help me to trace where my son is, please,” she lamented in soberly tears.

She alleged that her son was assaulted, brutalized and abducted by men of the Department of State Security Services (DSSS) in Jos on Monday of 8th, January, 2018, at his residence.

According to her, “Engr Dafup was whisked away from his residence by men we suspected were from the DSSS, for allegedly converting one Miss Nabila Umar Sanda Galadima from Islam to Christianity.”

She further explained that “the DSSS, who stormed into my son’s premises in five Hilux Vehicles, heavenly armed, blocked everywhere and assaulted even passersby,” and described him as a quiet gentleman per excellence.

Also speaking, one Evangelist Jarry Datim said, “As we address you now, we don’t know where Engr Simput Dafup and Daniel Hassan a taxi driver that Miss Nabila boarded his vehicle from Abuja to Jos are, and no member of their families is being contacted.”

He said, Engr Dafup was alleged to have abducted Miss Nabila Galadima and forcefully converted her to Christianity, explaining that, Engr Dafup and Miss Nabila were said to have met for the first time in Dubai on his way back to Nigeria from UK, following which they got chatting and eventually exchanged contact details when they got to Nigeria.

He maintained that Miss Nabila got admitted into Bingham University and, given the nature of the activities in the university, she became interested in the Christian faith, adding that, she eventually got across to Engr Dafup and expressed her desire of joining the Christian faith.

According to him, Engr Dafup asked her quite a number of questions bothering on whether her parents would accept that, adding, Miss Nabila having schooled at the Air Force Girls Comprehensive School in Jos, found her way to Jos and Engr Dafup.

He explained further that, “On sensing the sensitive nature of what Miss Nabila was about going into, by Engr Dafup, he quickly contacted me, Evangelist Jerry Datim, that he believes that I am in a better position to handle the situation. After listening to him, I requested him to take her to my office.

“When I met Miss Nabila for the first time in my life, I interacted with her and asked her a lot of questions about both the Christian and Islamic faith. I discovered that Nabila has clearly made up her mind to join Christian faith and was willing to be a Christian, no matter what obstacles were placed on her way.

Sensing what conversion from Islam to Christianity is, and given that between the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Jana’atu Nasirul Islam (JNI), he said with the working understanding of the these two groups.

“The JNI called her father and told him that, according to the father, he was traveling, and he was to inform his relations from Biu to come to Jos with the view of hearing for themselves,” he stated.

“It was at this point and the same day, Monday, while still sorting things out with JNI that detectives from the DSSS stormed my house, beat up and assaulted my wife, daughter and eight months’ old baby; they picked Nabila from my house.”

He challenged the DSSS to “produce Nabila and put us side-by-side so they can ask her, if she was forcefully converted to Christianity or abducted or brainwashed.”

Evangelist Datim has called for the immediate release of Engr Dafup, saying, “and they must ensure that he is in good state of health,” and urged the DSSS to stop harassment of members of his family and that of Engr Dafup.

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