Kaduna LG Councils Election Is Belated – Campaign for Democracy

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

President, Campaign for Democracy, Comrade Bako Abdul Usman, has chides Kaduna state government for withholding the state council poll till 2018, saying it’s belated.

Comrade Bako, adjudged to be controversial by many, said it would amount to serious waste of resources and public funds for conducting LG elections in less than 16 months to the end of APC administration.

In an emotional tone, Usman disclosed this, while reacting to the recent statement credited to Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission, KAD-SIECOM, that it has acquired thousands of electronic voting machines for the conduct of LG elections, awaiting the state assembly to resume.

Spotted at Sokoto Road, ACF office gate, Usman expressed dismay over what he described as unseriousness of the commission, pointing out that the elections would have been held since 2015 when APC came on board.

“They said they’re ready now, but the law is not ready on ground. They came out with a particular date at one time or another but were later canceled because LG law was not documented and passed by the state Assembly. Now, they say they’re ready; how ready are they?” he lamented.

He expressed surprise – whether the commission is independent or dancing to the whims and caprices of the Governor. “I don’t think they’re. If they do, the law would have been passed.”

According to him, any States coming up with LG council elections at a time when party primary elections are about to commence also in LG areas, has a hidden agenda.

“It’s political; 389 Councilors won elections in Osun state. It’s those, who will work and win elections for the state Governor in 2019. Unless governors are afraid of defeat, any seating Governor conducting LG elections at this time is preparing for 2019,” he said.

He was however optimistic that in free or even unfair contests, it would absolutely be difficult to win all LG seats for APC in Kaduna, due of sharp differences, which made Southern Kaduna so much aligned to PDP.

“Even if it happens, it’s not enough to conclude that the Governor will have it easy in general elections, because the Southern Kaduna people have made up their minds, and are not ready to go with him.

“With due respect to Governor el-Rufai, on some of his policies and programmes brings into be in state, a lot are so harsh and difficult for the people to bear. He should let-go the LG elections and prepare for his 2019. He did not believe in LG. As chairman, who headed APC committee on restructuring, what is the outcome of the report, and whether LG was spared?”

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