Lenten period a time of sober reflection – Archbishop Kaigama of Jos

By Christiana Gokyo, Jos

President of the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria-cum the Catholic Archbishop of Jos, Most Revd Ignatius A. Kaigama, has disclosed that, “Lenten period is a time of sober reflection, to enable Christians spend time reflecting on their lives.”

He noted that, “because you get so busy, you get involved in looking for means of livelihood and, sometimes, we don’t even think about our lives.”

He was speaking to the Conscience Triumph in an interview on Tuesday, during his ‘Lenten Message’ in Jos.

According to the Archbishop, “the church offers us this opportunity; for the next 40 days it reminds us when Jesus was in the desert.”

He called on Christians to concentrate on their spiritual journey to see how far they have gone, and see how well they are doing to discover those areas of their lapses, “so that we can tell God, ‘sorry;’ and we should be ready to do better during this period.”

He further urged Christians in the country to pray more, fast, and reduce their fashion of food, to feel hungry with the poor. “What you save, you can give to the poor; that is almsgiving.”

The Archbishop further charged the congregation to see it as a call to good work, saying “If we do that, not only Christians, not only people of religious but everyone in Nigeria: if we just offer what is right, do good work and considered our neighbours as important.”

According to him, by almsgiving the priority in our dealing will make Nigeria to be far better, and called for reflection, adding “We hope that is not only for the Christian but all the citizens of this country.”

Archbishop Kaigama observed that “youths under drugs are under the effects of social deprivation; people do not have social security, there is poverty, there is hungry, idleness, lack of employment; then, what do you expect?”

He pointed that “our youths are our treasures; our youth are God-given to us; they are our hope of now and in feature.”

He urged that leaders must invest in them to make sure they are well brought up. “And what is due for them, the adult has taken it away, the youth have no option.”

He called on all adults and leaders to “take care of the young people, to give them what is theirs. The young people suffer desperation or lack, and should not take up in that area of drugs or killing.”

He urged the youth to destroy the habit of alcohol consumption. Adults should also try to help themselves to look for little things to do rather than remaining idle.

He prayed for more employment opportunities, and also prayed that the present government has promised youth some jobs, and hoped it will fulfill it, because that promise will help so many youths, if they are employed.

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