Northern Pastors cry out over persecution of members

…Seek welfare for serving/retirees.

By Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The National President of Arewa Pastors Forum For Peace (APFFP), Bishop Mbayor Japheth, has disclosed that “The most persecuted and worst vulnerable attacks on people in the world today are the Northern Christian minority living in 19 northern states of Nigeria since the return of democracy.”

He was speaking, while addressing the Plateau State chapter of the forum, during the inauguration of the state officials held at Usiju Center, Apollo Crescent Secretariat Junction, Jos on Friday.

Bishop Japheth raised alarm that, in Nigeria, Christians face persecutions mostly from Northern states of Nigeria where they are brutality murdered without any provocation by the so-called herders and Boko Haram insurgents, who have continued to terrorise them.

According to, the forum had a total of 300,000 members across the 19 states in the north and is non-profit, non-political and doesn’t have any link with those in governance, and has called for all denominations across the states to foster unity amongst them so as to defeat a common enemy of the church.

The Bishop stressed further that Nigerian Christians should stem the tide of coming together to foster peace in the north by sensitizing the heads of various denominations and break barriers, in order to achieve meaningful development.

“Our Pastors in northern states of Nigeria’s welfare is the most paramount to us; that is the more reason why we decided to establish the body to carter for the well-being of our members – serving and retired Pastors – who go through hell as human beings in Nigeria,” he added.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the manner Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, go about the leadership that doesn’t provide purposeful, focus and strong leadership when CAN election is more bastardized like that of political organization.

Bishop Japheth urged the leadership of CAN in Nigeria to stop politics of denominations differences and embrace each other by bringing ideas that can build unity, love and understanding, or else it will not achieve its main purpose of unity.

The Bishop frown that, the ‘Arewa Pastors For Peace’ is not a political party or a pressure group, but an umbrella body with the sole aim of reinvigorating love and preaching unity of one that need to come together, stand to work for God’s vineyards without fear or molestation.

He noted that “the body’s agitation now is to pursue the dream and raise army of men and women to present God’s faithfulness and to work for spiritual revival, which APFFP urged believers to key into, because we don’t have tribal or denominations extraction contrary to unity of oneness.”

Similarly, the national coordinator of the forum’s Planning & Logistics, Bishop Jonathan Maji, emphasized that the identity is not of any tribes or denominations but a people as one, and about purpose target, which has come to stay. “God bring us together so we can achieve victory where everybody now contributes to progress of the Union.”

Rev Maji said “The church is a unifying factor. We distance from God’s original purpose,” stressing of spiritual connectivity to mankind the spirit of multi-diversity built under one umbrella to do the will of God. “We legislate to meet the administrative demand of God’s own people and those, who join the politics, are doing the legislative as pastoring them as the speakers in their denominations.”

He tasked the church to return to its sense and carry on their identity and spiritual upliftment to encourage more on security system in the church.

Maji urged the church leaders that economically, politically, traditionally and culturally are all originated from Christendom; so, they should reunite as Christians to build confidence and respect for one another to help propagate the message of God.

According to him, Church leaders did not known that business, commercial activities in Europe and Asian countries were discovered from the church and propounded by the church as technology is used today as livewire of the society.

“We are hungry and suffering today because we all refuse to accept the teaching of God where the devil took advantage to cause confusion, including division within the church,” he said

The Bishop, while reading from the book of Deuteronomy 15:7-11, which borders on ‘relational economic importance’ of the inhabitants, stated further that, “It is true for us to return back and look inward on the welfare packages.”

He said, “God is so large that if we all raise our voice, the enemies shall be scattered,” telling them, “don’t think about what you will eat or drink; anybody with this mentality of refugees campaign will always want to speak of a religious.”

Chairman Plateau state chapter of the forum, Rev. Sylvester Dombin, applauded the imitative but promised to work towards achieving the founding fathers ideology.

He encouraged members to remain committed to the ideas that will promote peaceful coexistence amongst our denominations in Plateau state and its environs.


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