Buhari wrought on millions’ Shiites members in Nigeria – Rights Activist

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

A Kaduna-based Rights Activist and founder of Centrum Initiative for Development and Fundamental Development Rights Advocacy, CEDRA, Dr. John Danfulani, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari-led government of wrought on the millions of Shiite members in Nigeria.

The activist made the accusation in a statement issued Monday on the crackdown of members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, by Nigeria Police in Abuja and environment.

Signed by himself, the statement stressed that “Keeping faith to its fascist, lawless and suppressive tradition of this government, the Nigeria Police this morning (Monday), launched a violent crackdown on Shiites members, who had gathered at the Unity Fountain, Abuja, to exercise their constitutional right to assemble and demonstrate against the unlawful detention and suffering of their leader since December 2015.

Dr. John Danfulani stated that “Fully armed for battle, the Mobile Policemen stormed the Unity Fountain this morning, shot menacingly in the air, before pumping the venue with poisonous teargas.

“As the molested Shiites ran for cover, the Gestapo Nigeria Police chased them, beating them and stamping women and children under their jackboot, leaving trails of blood.

“Some of the leaders were not only battered, but were arrested and hauled to detention, to add yet to the litany of evil that the Nigeria State under President Mohammadu Buhari has wrought on the millions of Shiite members in Nigeria.

“The same odious act was repeated at the Nigeria Human Right Commission this afternoon when members of the Shiite took their grievances there.

“The Shiite, who lost over a thousand members after two days’ massacre by members of the Nigerian Army in Zaria between December 12 and 15, 2015, have become a targeted group for elimination, under the intolerance regime of the Buhari.

“With its headquarters destroyed, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were not only nearly fatally shot, their three sons were eliminated in a macabre reaction to an alleged blockage of a road on which Gen. Buratai was supposed to use, as the Shiite were in their traditional procession on the 12th December 2015.

“Some states have not only banned the Shiites from practicing their faith; Kaduna state is holding at least 250 Shiite members in prison over some spurious charges.

“Yet, the Shiite have continued to use civil means to demonstrate peacefully, if only to stoke the conscience of what looked like unconcerned humanity,” he stated.

The activist also added the act of state terror against the Shiite must be condemned by all men and women of honour, calling on Nigeria to stand up in solidarity with the persecuted Shiite.

According to him, “Silence, here, is dangerous since; this government has shown shocking proclivity towards shielding murderous Fulani herdsmen, while coming heavily against any group or persons, who challenge its ineptness, or agitates for an equitable Nigeria.

“CEDRA believes that the right to protest is constitutional as well as natural. Therefore, using force to stop Shi’as from protesting by police and other security agencies is criminal,” the statement added.

CEDRA also called for the immediate release of the arrested person and restitution paid them for the wickedness of the police, and “We also insist on the unconditional release of Zakazky and his wife and all Shiite members languishing under the gulags of President Mohammadu Buhari.”

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