Breaking: Plot to Remove Kadpoly Rector exposes, divides ASUP

21 days’ ultimatum to remove Rector imminent 

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

There were a ground plots to remove the less-than-one-year-in-office Rector of Kaduna polytechnic, Prof. I.M. Bugaje, by the Academic Staff Union of the Polytechnic, ASUP, over what the body described as ‘personal vendetta.’

The Union, in its last General Congress, stated that it discussed and resolved to remove the Rector, and give the management of the largest polytechnic in West African sub-region a 21 days’ ultimatum to address certain demands that are critical to the survival of the institution, but alleges sabotage and double standards by the leadership.

The body, in a statement titled: ‘Responses to resolutions of ASUP KPT General Congress, held on Tuesday 17th April, 2018, at Hadi Auwal Hall,’ stated that “In line with our bowed spirit of speaking the truth after having carefully studied the document released by ASUP as resolution of congress of 17th April, 2018, we hereby wish to respond item-by-item.

“That the document released by ASUP titled Resolutions of General Congress held  on  Tuesday, 17TH April, 2018 at  Hadi Auwal Hall, is not a true reflection of what transpired in that congress.

“Therefore, it cannot be titled resolutions. For example, all those who followed the proceedings physically and on Facebook, should remember that several sensitive matters were raised and are not in the so-called resolutions. Example, the chairman charged that the EFCC had been bribed to block the prosecution of corrupt members of the Union.

“Opting out of IPPIS as directed by the ASUP National body becomes imperative because the KPT Management is not sincere about it. This has become stock-in-trade for this EXCO; for example, the last emergency congress before the last congress it was asserted by the chairman in the floor of the congress that he Rector, Prof. M.I. Bugaje, will be removed as his personal vendetta (very usual),” it stated.

The resolution, as obtained in confidence by our correspondent, averred that “The Union is giving management of Kaduna Polytechnic a 21-days ultimatum to address the following demands, even as frowned at officials, adding, “After that, then what? The chairman and his EXCO had since lost and never had the ability to bark and bite,” it added.

Resolution One resolved that immediate reinstatement of 100% Peculiar Academic and Hazard Allowance, PAHA, from January 2018 to date, has become a recurring chorus and has shown this EXCO’s double standard insincerity and cosmetic approach to members’ entitlement issues.

“Where are the EXCO when the 25% PAHA promised by the management has not been paid since last month? Now, they are making us dream of 100% payment,” they quizzed.

The sequences followed from Resolution 2-14 below:

Resolution Two recommended immediate reinstatement of 100% excess workload, EWL, from January 2018 to date adding, “This is another fallacy. Up till this congress, the EXCO has not tabled this subject-matter in any of its meetings for discussion with this management.

By the way, where do we stand on the amount due to us? Is it still the N10,000.00 or the N7,000.00 the chairman negotiated on his. This resolution did not say anything about the accrued arrears of the Excess Workload (EWL). In our view, with the over-bloated carrying capacity, the Excess Workload is long overdue for upward review.

“Resolution 3: All activities associated with Evening/Weekend program remain suspended, until all monies are fully paid.

While we agree that all activities associated with evening, weekend program remain suspended until all monies are fully paid, members said with this resolution, it is repetition of suspension because the management has already placed a suspension on the programme. “In fact, this resolution is not a true reflection of what transpired on the congress floor on this subject-matter; what happened with the merger?

“Resolution 4: Immediate payment of 42 omitted and underpayment cases of Promotion Arrears.

This resolution is a white-wash. How much is actually due to the beneficiaries? To our mind, the EXCO in her compromise has kept out the beneficiaries from knowing their full entitlements. What happened to the 0.5% deduction from the promotion arrears by the EXCO in retrospect?

“Resolution 5: All non-teaching staff transferred to the classroom should be withdrawn immediately.

This resolution shows clearly the weakness of our union and the lack of confidence placed on our EXCO by the management by not carrying us along on serious administrative issues concerning academics.

“Resolution 6: The immediate scrapping of Policy and Transparency Unit (PTU) because it is not enshrined in the Polytechnic Act.

For us, the Union is not properly guided by the chairman on this matter. It is not the unit (PTU); it is the appointments and the undefined activities of its staff that this Union should frown at.

Note: Educational Standard and Quality Assurance should be the hallmark of academic staff of Kaduna Polytechnic. The double standard, as it is usual with chairman and his EXCO, is glaring by the selective application of the Polytechnic Act. E.g., the chairman, whose by status is not a member of the Academic Board, sits on it.

“Resolution 7: The immediate removal of the acting CSO and advertisement of the office of Chief Security Officer.

This is a management issue; there should be a clear line or demarcation between management and the Union.

“Resolution 8: Immediate reopening of the main entrance at Central Administration placated for only the Rector.

With the entrant of this current EXCO, their hard-won respect for academics in this institution is completely eroded.

“Resolution 9: Provide explanation on the recruitment of an academic staff to the rank of a Principal Lecturer without COREN.

This shows the management’s high-handedness in the running the affairs of Kaduna Polytechnic because the Unions are dead.

“Resolution 10: Immediate return of official cars attached to the Registrar, Bursar and any other officer other than the Rector and Council Chairman to the general pool.

We agree with this resolution, but let the strong chairman go and withdraw the cars.

“Resolution 11: An immediate apology from the Rector for his refusal to put on the Institution’s academic gown at the 2018 matriculation ceremony.

When this chairman and his EXCO went fishing for professors, what do you expect?

“Resolution 12: The immediate stoppage of furnishing of Registrar’s residential building and other related cases as captured in the extant circular on monetization. 

Our response to resolution 7 applies.

“Resolution 13: That, the Union Check-off dues of N440,000.00 and BOT levy of N680,000.00 from Members due that was stopped by the Management without recourse to the Union leadership must be paid by the Management.

“Trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am” that rotten members’ money has suddenly become sweet and relevant.

The desire of some members to withdraw from the Union or have their dues stopped is not only unprecedented but a direct vote-of-no-confidence on the chairman and his EXCO. The running of this Union on the dispensation of this EXCO had brought all manners of interpersonal disunity and debasing of our respected members, in spite of all the hardship we are experiencing now.

All the activities of this chairman are anti-union (No wonder, he said openly on the floor of the congress that he is ‘not a unionist’). He uses his influence to skip the payment of his own personal check-off dues to the Union, e.g., for March, 2018.

“Resolution 14: That, the assessment of publications for Chief Lecturer by the Book and Publications Review Committee should not exceed beyond making suggestions on how to improve future publications and corrections should not be made on articles and books already published.

We agree with this resolution.

Worthy of note: the chairman in his usual manner of slipperiness refused to sign the resolution to skew his allegiance.

Considering all these discussions, particularly on resolution 13, we use this medium to call on all well meaning members of our Union that it is time to rescue our Union. Unless and, until this is done, nobody should contemplate to send our dues to the Union. By this we put the Management and the Bursary department of Kaduna Polytechnic on notice, evoking the Labour Act of Nigeria 1999, Section 5; Sub-section 4.

We urge all our members to remain calm and await our next action.

The statement was signed by six members, including Hassan Mohammed, Ja’afar Lawal, Jerry Obande, Patrick Kigbu, Onimisi Daudu and Aliyu Mamman Yaro, and copied the KPT Management, ASUP KPT, EXCO, respectively.


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