Kaduna arrests 50 “Sara-Suka” Gangsters; warns against proliferation of vigilantes

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Fifty gangsters, known variously as “Yan Sara-Suka” or “Yan Sahara,” who have been terrorizing the state, have been arrested in Kaduna. Proliferation of vigilantes has also been cautioned by the state.

The suspects will be arraigned before a magistrate’s court after security agencies conclude their investigations.

The suspects were arrested in different locations in Kaduna Town as security agencies investigate last weekend’s outrage by hoodlums in parks in Kaduna Town.

A statement issued by Samuel Aruwan, spokesperson to the governor of Kaduna state, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, said the governor directed security agencies to deal decisively with the menace of urban hoodlums.

“The governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, has received briefings from security agencies on the outrage perpetrated by urban gangsters, notoriously known as ‘Yan Shara’ or ‘Sarasuka.’ The governor has also visited Abakpa community where he interacted with some members of the community and condemned the criminal actions of the gangsters.

“Security agencies have informed the Governor of the arrest updates of over 50 suspects. The governor requested that the police and the Ministry of Justice should ensure prompt investigations and diligent prosecution of whoever is indicted. He urged the police to ensure that fleeing suspects do not escape justice, declaring that all government agencies must work to collectively end the menace.”

Similarly, Aruwan also clarified the position of the Kaduna State Government on the proliferation of vigilante groups in the state.

“The Kaduna State Government has made it clear that only the Kaduna State Vigilance Service is empowered by the law to regulate vigilante activity in the state. Any community that wishes to make a contribution to security and intelligence gathering in their area should forward the persons they are presenting to the Kaduna State Vigilance Service and the security agencies for thorough screening. This is to ensure that such persons have no criminal records or tendencies that could compromise the security and wellbeing of the citizenry.

“By this clarification, communities should liaise with the Kaduna State Vigilance Service to make arrangements for their communities.”

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