Group opposes el-Rufai’s ambition for second term in 2019

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

A group of Persons Living with Disability has vowed to mobilise all its members against the (planned) re-election of Governor Nasir el-Rufai for second term in 2019.

According to the group, the over 3 years’ tenure in the state of el-Rufai has brought poverty and lack of development since 2015 when he assumed office, and therefore pledged to join hands with the people in the state to vote any credible candidate that will ameliorate their suffering in 2019.

Led by Haruna Mahmud, the group further alleged that el-Rufai failed in his electoral promises in 2015 to build a ministry of the disabled where they will be trained in different skills of acquisition to take them off the streets and make them self-reliant.

The disabled, who were visibly angry, while fielding questions from journalists during the week in Barnawa, Kaduna, said, “We will also form part of those, who will remove el-Rufai from Sir Kashim Ibrahim House.

“We are not happy roaming the streets, begging; we also want to enjoy some privileges but we have been abandoned after given our overwhelming support to the government in power. We are supposed to be home by now, but we still have to go out and look for what we will eat.

“We are part of the campaign with Senator Shehu Sani throughout; we voted for them overwhelmingly to ensure their emergence,” they said.

The disabled, however, commended Shehu Sani for his support, love and care for the less-privileged in giving them hope and shelter even when el-Rufai unleashed mayhem on them by even arresting some of their members and treating them as criminals.

“When he visited us, he said where we are leaving even dogs cannot sleep here. He assured us of getting a convenient place for us.”

They noted that, “Go and see what Rochas Okrocha did to the less-privileged in Imo State. He built a ministry for them were they are learning skill acquisition programs with monthly stipends attached.

“Anybody that did not get our votes will never win election. With our prayers and followership, you can never underrate us in championing the course of installing any government,” they reiterated.


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